‘They’ve Wandered Off Somewhere’ – Accrington Stanley Admit Losing Set Of False Teeth That Had Already Been Lost By Supporter During Recent Match

Chris Wright

24th, September 2018

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After four 1-1 draws in a row, it would appear that the sight of Accrington Stanley actually winning a game on Saturday was enough for one fan to shed an unusual part of his attire amid the celebrations.

Shortly after the 2-1 win over AFC Wimbledon, Stanley put out a public service announcement over social media to alert supporters that a pair of dislodged dentures had been found under the seats at the Crown Ground.

However, before anybody could come forward to reclaim their teeth, Stanley were forced to issue a second update to admit that the dentures have since been misplaced.

Yep. They’ve actually gone and lost their lost property.

Speaking to BBC Radio Lancashire, the League One club’s managing director Dave Burgess said:

We don’t know where they are now to be honest. They have wandered off over the weekend somewhere.

They are in and around the building somewhere. We do think they are safe, it’s just no-one has seen them this morning.

Asked how a set of false teeth could just wander off, Burgess replied: “The same way the person did in the first place, I guess.”

Terrific work from all involved – and exemplary use of Proper Football Man™ parlance (“in and around”) during an everyday conversation there, too.

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