Fulham 1-0 Liverpool: Spearing Sent Off As Liverpool Labour To Late Defeat (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

6th, December 2011


By Chris Wright

After entering the game tied with Brian McBride on 36 goals, Clint Dempsey became the highest-scoring American player in Premier League history when, in the 85th-minute, he pounced on Pepe Reina’s fumble to tap home the winner for Fulham at Craven Cottage.

The woodwork took what’s known in the trade as ‘a peppering’ and Liverpool also saw Jay Spearing sent-off for an over-zealous, flying, two-footed challenge on Moussa Dembele, and rightly so I would wager. It’s been contested that Spearing won the ball. True, but he also left the ground and planted his studs firmly into Dembele’s fleshy bits into the bargain. It was a dangerous tackle and there can be no argument as far as I’m concerned. Straight red all day long.



Photos: PA

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  1. Coolie says:

    Disagree on the red card front, by the sounds of it if you had your way it would be touch football!

  2. Guy says:

    I may be a one-eyed Fulham fan but it had to be a red. Being a fullback myself I’m all for hard, tough challenges but two-footed tackles are not acceptable at any level of the game.

  3. chimpo says:

    leaping into the air = no control.

    red for the red

  4. Coolie says:

    ‘leaping into the air = no control.’

    Where is this so called leap?? He cleared the ball and caught him with a follow through, yellow at worst

  5. Steve Clarke's Cerebrum says:

    Any metion of the Suarez goal that was disallowed Chris? Or the foul on Adam that may/ may not have been a penalty? Or the overall terrible performance of the officials?

    • Chris says:

      @SCC: Sadly I didn’t get to see the whole game, only very selective highlights, so I missed all that. Care to fill me in? I heard the Suarez goal was extremely marginal, but just about the right decision.

  6. murry1975 says:

    Suarez goal was on-side barely , even Butch Wilkins said it !!! The sending off is a modern day sending off – 10 years ago you would have got a pat on the back and a pay rise. The penalty was on the line , you could clearly see the slide mark from the line onwards and as every ref knows if its on the line of the box its a peno , except it wasnt this time . What was a clear bad decision was the squaring up of Dempsey and Bellamy , Dempsey clearly shoving his head into his opponents face – not head butting ,but rather obvisiously making aggressive contact – deserved a red . Saurez has to learn to stay on his feet more and MTFU , seriously sometimes he looks like an extra from “Platoon” .

  7. Mr. Angry says:


  8. e212 says:

    even though i have loserstool, i have to say that jay spearing (who is a rare example of a likeable scouser) was wrongly sent off.
    that being said, its all luis smellarez’ fault and his bad karma. sure, he’s brought good things to their attack, but brought on just as much bad.
    look at sergio busquetes – he didn’t dive against getafe, it was a legit penalty, but instead he got the yellow for alleged diving. why? cuz he dove like a little bitch when he didn’t need to, now he’s given himself and his team a bad reputation, and effectively cost them 3 points.

  9. e212 says:

    lol….’HATE’ not have

  10. Patrick says:

    10 years ago my ass. Yea, men used to be men and donuts tasted better back in the day, too. Stop all that turn back the clock crap.

    The stupidest part is Spearing didn’t need to fling both legs in the air and risk breaking the man’s leg! He got the ball and then went in double-leg, flying Kung-fu kick. If this had been on Suarez, Dalglish and co. would have been screaming bloody conspiracy!

  11. murry1975 says:

    Its not turn back the clock crap , the laws of the game have changed . Ten years ago there was no law on intent . Ten years ago it was if the ball was played first it was ok . Nothing about rolling back the clock . Odd that you call it a kung-fu kick or did donuts taste better on Monday night ? Nice way you can only name the Liverpool players and refer to Dembele as “the man” showing your lack of knowledge and your anti-Liverpool bias . And before you get on your man-ure high horse and claim I said it wasnt red read my original post , get help from an adult if you require .

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