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Ollie Irish

5th, April 2007

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basic2.gifFulhamUSA, the website for Fulham’s supporters’ club in the States, is a great read, even if you’re not a) a Fulham fan, b) American, or c) both. I discovered it after clicking on a link to an entertaining interview with Eric Wynalda, a former striker for the Americn national team (he’s the all-time leading scorer, according to Wikipedia) and now US soccer’s most outspoken critic. Here’s Eric on the Premiership: ‘Why is EPL better? It’s not even the best soccer. Why is it the best soccer? It is the most entertaining. It is the worst defenders. They are all fired up. They are going to dive in. Why do you think I tried my hardest to get in there. Why is it so ***** exciting? Because it is 50 degrees and you can run all day.’

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1 Comment

  1. Tommy says:

    i hate Wynalda. as an american i am embarrased that he is able to be heard by the rest of the world. its people like him that give people like me a bad name. but ups to fulham for taking some chances and taking some American talent.