Barmy Ex-Fulham Boss Felix Magath Attempted To Harness ‘Soothing Effects Of Cheese’ To Heal His Players’ Injuries

Chris Wright

22nd, September 2014


By Chris Wright


“Smell my cheese, you mutha!”

Canned by Fulham last week following eight months of abject inadequacy at Craven Cottage, an anecdote centred around Felix Magath’s infamously bizarre training techniques has leaked today courtesy of Observer journalist Daniel Taylor.

Taylor writes in the Observer:

“It goes back to last season when Brede Hangeland, then the Fulham captain, was diagnosed with a slight thigh injury and the club’s doctor, Stephen Lewis, with more than a decade of working in elite sport, put together a recovery programme to try to get him fit for the weekend.

“Except Magath thought he knew better. There was another way to treat the problem, he said. So he sent the kit-man to the Tesco in New Malden, a short drive along the A3 from Fulham’s training ground, to buy a large block of cheese.

“Hangeland was then told to perch on the end of a massage table and spend the afternoon in that position with a slab of cheese carefully positioned on the sore spot.

“The cheese, according to Magath, would have soothing effects.”

It should come as no surprise to learn that doctor Lewis and Hangeland had both left the club in the space of the next few months.

The story has since been verified by ex-Fulham captain Danny Murphy, which is good enough for us.

Which means we have but one question: What the heck?

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  1. Russ says:

    I heard Hangeland left cos he was cheesed off. Too easy?

  2. Manolo Garnix says:

    Must be true. Magath is completely mental and sees himself as some sort of guru, so that episode just fits his image.

  3. Eike says:

    German media has already cleared up that the cheese in question is in fact Quark (look it up on Wikipedia) which is a proven household remedy for swollen bodyparts.

    Not so much mental Magath as bad journalism if you ask me..

  4. Kingsland101 says:

    Nothing wrong with a bit of cheese between two bits of Brede

  5. Storvopper says:

    Quark ≠ Cheese

    Felix Magaths Facebook Reaction:

    “Dear Facebook Friends and Fans,
    I wanted to take the time to write to you regarding recent reports and statements made by a former Fulham player Brede Hangeland. His portrayal of what was actually said, is so far from the truth, that it becomes laughable. He had an injury to the knee (inflammation) and I mentioned that he could try using an old technique of wrapping the knee with quark, which is used to decrease the inflammation. I would never tell a Doctor how he should manage the injury to a player, but it seems that this story has been wrongly told and blown completely out of context. I would like to make it clear that Hangeland´s statements are completely wrong and i must compliment the German Press, who always ask first before writing such nonsense.
    It seems to me, that often players who are not performing on the pitch and are not in the spotlight, will make such ridiculous accusations. A world class player in the mold of Michael Ballack or Raul, would never ever make such statements, class speaks for itself.
    I would also like to mention my apparent tough handling of my squad and staff. Steve Wigley a former employee and ex coach of Fulham and current coach of Notts Forest, who worked with me at Fulham stated recently, ´ I liked Felix, he was during my time with him, very good to me `
    It is very important in my profession to be judged objectively, as i can imagine all of you would also expect. I have no problem with constructive criticism, but malicious gossip just goes too far in my opinion. And i will most certainly defend myself against a defamation of character, which is put out to damage my reputation.
    Please feel free to send me an Email, i will be answering them on my Webpage shortly.
    Thank you for you attention and support.

  6. whaddevva says:

    now u know why the dutch and swiss have a better national team

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