Felix Magath Takes To Facebook To Explain ‘Cheese’ Healing Method, Not Quite As Bonkers As It First Sounds

Chris Wright

23rd, September 2014


By Chris Wright


Any excuse to use this picture again

Felix Magath caused something of a dairyquake yesterday when it came to light that the former Fulham boss was keen to harness the “soothing effects of cheese” to help heal his players’ injuries during his time in charge at Craven Cottage.

However, it seems that Magath’s methods weren’t and aren’t quite as unorthodox as first thought, with the man himself taking to his official Facebook page to clarify his peculiar cheese treatment.

Magath explains that, in order to decrease swelling, he suggested an “old technique of wrapping the knee with quark” (cottage cheese), which is apparently a technique used by several prominent Olympic skiers in the past.

This from Wikipedia:

“In Switzerland, quark is recommended by some physiotherapists as an alternative to ice for treatment of swelling associated with sprains, etc.

“It can be cooled in a refrigerator and then applied to swollen tissues (enclosed in a plastic bag).

“The advantages over ice are that it does not get so cold, reducing risk of damage to treated tissue, but stays cooler longer.”

Here’s Magath’s post in full (click to expand)…

Fair enough, Felix. Apologies where due, old bean.