Volzy has taken his biology text books on his summer holiday to America


14th, June 2007

Picture%201.pngWe haven’t taken a peek at Moritz Volz’s diary for a while, but a recent visit to his website reveals a heap of tremendous information on his summer holiday to America – for example, how he took all six of his ‘heavy biology books’ with him, to revise for his exams, but that he hasn’t yet got around to opening any of them, because he’s ‘relying on being asked the right questions’ – a cunning exam trick which Pies tried on many occasions.
Volzy also tells us about his ‘green ambitions’ – he hires a red bicycle with no gears in Florida – and he has a pop at Florida’s less-than-eco-friendly approach to packaging. Read the full extract at his excellent website, Volzy.

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