Volzy does Wimbledon

Ollie Irish

9th, July 2007


gingervolz.jpgPies’ favourite nutcase Moritz Volz, the wackiest player in the Prem, has been taking in the tennis at Wimbledon. As per usual, this was an excellent opportunity for an exciting entry in the Fulham man’s online diary (one day this will be printed and become a bestseller, Pies is sure). And, as per usual, the diary entry was packed with the kind of crazy quotes we have come to expect from the German.
Volzy on Boris Becker
“I actually wanted to dye my hair ginger before we went, in honour of the great man, but my girlfriend wouldn’t let me.”
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Volzy on grass (not like that, but you have to wonder at times!)
“I tell you what though, I’d have loved to have got down on that court, taken down the net and had a kickabout. The grass looks amazing, so green and even. Mind you if football pitches were like that we’d have nothing to blame our mistakes on.”
Volzy on tennis
I’d never realised how tiring it is watching tennis – there’s so much tension and concentration involved. At least in football you can liven things up by throwing out a bit of abuse here and there. But there’s none of that at Wimbledon. The German players had it easy – none of the War shouts or sausage abuse that I get when I play football.

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  1. Adam says:

    Sausage abuse sounds far, far worse than it probably is

  2. Anonymous says:

    Depends how big the sausage is.