Moritz Volz gets stuck in the toilet

Ollie Irish

10th, August 2007

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VolzM.JPGVolzy, Volzy, Volzy. What are you going to get up to next? The crazy Fulham utility man had to be rescued by a handyman after locking himself in his toilet. The German was preparing to leave his house for the pre-season friendly with Brighton when the incident happened. Volzy nipped to the loo before leaving, but found the door had jammed when he tried to get out.
He was stuck in the smallest room in the property for 40 minutes until his cleaner was able to get help to free him. Volz said: “I was trying everything but although the handle was moving, nothing was happening. I checked my pockets but my mobile wasn’t on me and it was then that I really started to panic. After a few minutes of continued attempts to budge the door I started shouting, because fortunately our cleaner was in. But she couldn’t open the door from the other side either, so I asked her to get hold of our handyman to rescue me.

“But it was all happening at the same time as London was being hit by a monsoon so all the workmen were super busy because the building was being flooded. So I decided stay calm and look at the funny side as I sat in there stranded for the next 40 minutes. At least I had a few books to flick through. With the bad weather going on outside it felt like being in some sort of Hitchcock movie – the light was flickering, there were all these creaking noises, and from outside all I could hear was thunder and rain.
“My girlfriend was on holiday at the time too, so if the cleaner hadn’t been there I could have been stuck in that poxy room for days! Oh well, at least I was in the right place to be crapping myself. And I can’t let rip about poor plumbers on this one can I? Bloody carpenters! Can’t even make a proper door!”
Pies loves you, Volzy!

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1 Comment

  1. Amanda says:

    It’s stories like this that make it never a dull time being a Fulham fan!