Is Fulham’s Chris Baird the worst player in the Premier League?


8th, October 2007


6467.jpgIt’s sort of a rhetorical question, because to my mind he is definitely the worst player in the top flight. I’ve seen him in the flesh a couple of times this season and he’s been truly shite, of a standard you’d expect of players in League One or worse. Quite why Lawrie Sanchez bought him, and for a silly £3m, is a mystery to me – well, not a total mystery given that Baird has played for Sanchez for Northern Ireland.
Baird has almost nothing going for him, bar fitness. He can’t pass, can’t tackle properly and his positional awareness is dreadful. He’s also a shortarse. Oh, and he’s uglier than Gary Neville.

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  1. Kipp says:

    For someone who can age 9 years in however long it took you to write this i think he’s doing ok

  2. Joe says:

    Actually, He’s only 25 but agree with you completely on the rest. In Lawrie’s defence, he did look pretty good for Soton last year and nearly anything would’ve been better than Liam ‘Dependable as a Soviet Nuclear Reactor’ Rosenior (note the word ‘nearly’).
    It’ll be a real indication of Lawrie’s abilities to see wether he gets Volz back in immediately after he’s recovered.

  3. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    My mistake Kipp, changed now

  4. Mr Styles says:

    Titus Bramble oh my god…hes premierships biggest mystery…

  5. Joe says:

    I was also going to contribute Titus Bramble.

  6. LucasKop says:

    Lee Dong Gook…what more is there to say?

  7. ChrissMari says:

    how you can put Chris Baird up for worst player in the league when Titus Bramble still plays top flight football is a mystery to me.

  8. Allen says:

    I liked Baird & wished that he didn’t leave Southampton. Nevertheless I didn’t see him as a prem level player – not a day in, day out starter. Unfortunately he’s showing that to be the case, that’s he’s not good enough. It’s too bad because he does look to be a good defender for the Championship. Just goes to show the kind of gap that is out there.

  9. Billyo says:

    Baird is so bad he was sent out on Loan to Watford a couple of years ago. He played a couple of games and was then kept out by a 13 year old (or something similar) he was totally shite. £3m for him and for £9m Kenwyne Jones. Soton were laughing all the bank this summer.

  10. Mozza says:

    Danny Collins of Sunderland

  11. Chopper says:

    I hope he isn’t, but agree the signs aren’t looking good right now. To my mind both Rosenior and Volz are better than he is and Sanchez is possibly the only person who’d disagree. Still, whilst Titus Bramble’s still playing there has to be hope for our Chris.

  12. Phantom Pain says:

    Anyone in a Derby shirt

  13. Collie says:

    steve howard

  14. Collie says:

    steve howard

  15. Matthew Burke says:

    i guess David James is shitter, because he’s probably to blame for more goals against his team, isn’t he ?