Moritz Volz sticks it to Sepp Blatter

Ollie Irish

15th, October 2007

Go on Volzy, my son. Pies hero, superstar diarist and Fulham player, Moritz Volz, has been using his column on the Times’ website to voice his distaste for Sepp Blatter – a distate shared by Pies and most right-minded football fans. The issue particularly concerning Volzy, though there are many to choose from, is Blatter’s plans to limit the number of foreign players in starting line-ups.
He said: “Sepp Blatter, what are you on about? Your idea of limiting domestic club sides to five foreign players in a starting XI to allow home-grown talent to flourish is mad. If you had your way I would probably be working in a restaurant in Germany instead of playing for Fulham.” The Premiership’s loss would truly be the Cologne hospitality industry’s gain, Volzy.

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