Clint Dempsey Set For £10m Liverpool Move?

Ollie Irish

7th, December 2010


By Ollie Irish

Fulham’s Clint Dempsey adopts the default ‘Liverpool Forward Position’

Word on Rumour Street is that Deuce Dempsey is on his way to Anfield, in a deal worth £10m to Fulham. Now this could be another example of basic tabloid transfer maths, but it wouldn’t be the first time Roy Hodgson has raided his former club, and I imagine the versatile American has been on Woy’s crumpled shopping list ever since he took the manager’s job at LFC. Indeed, I guess Hodgson would have loved to bring Dempsey to Anfield at the same time as Paul Konckesky arrived (August 2010), but the wily old gaffer didn’t want to upset his former employers by nicking one of their best players.

So, will this happen? I say there’s a 65-70% chance of Dempsey being a Liverpool player come next month – but that’s based mostly on a hunch, I concede. Vote now:

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  1. mancyank says:

    if he went that would be depressing

  2. Donner Meat says:

    He’s a good palyer but im not sure central midfield is where you need to be shopping Roy. You need to be looking for a striker not named Carlton Cole for starters. And Honda, I would love him at Liverpool, even though it will never happen.

  3. odds says:

    odds are high because he is a former roy player and the owner is american too. prob wants to sell some pool shirts in the states and having an american on the team will help significantly

  4. Garrett says:

    Definitely good enough for the club, Liverpool could also use him, I’m saying he goes too!

  5. Ken says:

    If Dempsey were to make the move to Liverpool and play central midfield it would be a disaster. He flourishes on the outside and up top (he’s flourished in those roles for the US National team). Liverpool needs another striker to pair up top with Torres.

  6. […] if two weekends in a row of continuing brilliant form weren’t enough for Clint Dempsey, he surfaced yesterday in January transfer rumors as a top-level target of Liverpool, where his former manager at Craven Cottage, Roy Hodgson, is hoping to add teeth to a rather […]

  7. Elliott says:

    As an American, I will not buy a Clint Dempsey Liverpool shirt. However, I will read a free blogpost on this transfer rumor and comment in confusing fashion.

    Or will I?

  8. Dan says:

    I think the move would be bad for his career, since Liverpool have the resources to snatch up some larger names he’d probably lose his starting role that he enjoys at Fulham.

  9. S-League Player says:

    As a Liverpool and Clint Dempsey admirer, I would say: Please don’t join Liverpool. Firstly, you are too good and senior a player to be playing second fiddle. Secondly, Liverpool should really be looking to younger players that can develop in the near future.

    @Donner Meat: yes, Honda would be excellent and the Americans might move for him seeing as how that could help them break into the Asian market like how Park has done for MU.

  10. joshua says:

    Dear Roy,



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