Dumb Football: Crystal Palace teenager reveals transfer secrets on Facebook


8th, July 2008

Fail of the week!
As revealed in today’s soaraway Sun, Crystal Palace winger Ashley-Paul Robinson, 19, accidentally posted two messages on Facebook revealing he was having a trial with London rivals Fulham.
But rather than restrict the news to his 198 friends, he mistakenly revealed it to… everyone on Facebook. That’ll be almost 3 million people, then. Oh, and the readers of The Sun. And the readers of this website. So, quite a lot of people.
Robinson, who joined Palace at 14, wrote: “Ashley-Paul is goin fulham on monday. If i pull dis off im on dis ting.”
“Ashley-Paul is goin fulham.” What, did he skip English classes from the age of seven? At least he remembered to hyphenate his name. As for the second sentence… what language is that?

My prediction: Ashley-Paul is not “goin fulham”, Ashley-Paul is “stayin palace”.
And don’t get me started on why A-Paul thinks its cool to shave both eyebrows. This is when the Eddie Izzard “Pirates” principle applies: one eyepatch is cool; two eyepatches – you’re looking like a dickhead.

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