Football shorts: Will Ferrell loves Chelsea, condoms for sock ties, Tainio to Sunderland, Andy Johnson to Fulham?


24th, July 2008

Thursday’s loveliest links
IMG_1160_mm.jpgWIll Ferrell hearts Chelsea The American funny man was spotted on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show (there to promote new movie Step Brothers) wearing a Chelsea shirt. Go figure. [Unprofessional Foul]
Safe soccer Some Cape Town footballers are putting condoms on their feet, so that their socks can stay up longer during matches. Whatever turns you on. [IOL]
WAG the dog C-Ron’s ex, Nereida Gallardo, rebounds fast. [Daily Mail]
Transfer news Sunderland sign “versatile” (i.e. a bit pants in all positions) midfielder Teemu Tainio from Spurs, on a three-year deal. [BBC]
Heading south? Andy Johnson close to sealing £10.5m move from Everton to Fulham. Yep, you read right: £10.5m. [EPL Talk]