Gervasio Nunez Is A Dirty, Cheating Rat That Should Be Locked Up In Stocks Outside Craven Cottage And Spat Upon Freely (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, October 2011


By Chris Wright


He’s probably not the worst, he’s definitely not the first and he sure as excreta won’t be the last, but Wisla Krakow’s Gervasio Nunez showed his true rat colours in getting Moussa Dembele sent-off in the Europa League last night.

For those who missed it, after Nunez had attempted to clack his studs across both of Dembele’s achilles while closing him down from behind, the Fulham striker turned and indignantly pushed the Wisla midfielder on the shoulder as he scurried away.

Without a second thought, the Argentinian rat then plummeted to the ground, screaming, clutching his rat face and ‘checking for rat blood’ as Dembele was shown a straight red for violent conduct…

Incensed as I was at witnessing such blatant rat cheating, I immediately drafted a little ‘retrospective punishment’ proposal that I fully intend to forward to UEFA’s disciplinary committee – see what you think of it…

Firstly, UEFA fully rescind Dembele’s red card post-haste with no bureaucratic fannying about. Bish, bash and indeed, bosh.

Secondly, Nunez is smoked out from the wall cavity behind the skirting board by pest control and is duly locked in a set of heavy Victorian stocks outside Craven Cottage (a spot under the Michael Jackson statue would be perfect) where the good people of Fulham are allowed to spit and urinate on him freely for a fortnight.

To avoid any nagging Human Rights issues, one meal a day of stale white bread and drawing pins will be provided (the pins are optional).

Granted, it’s a first draft and therefore a little sketchy – but the fundamentals are there, right?

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  1. Tinez says:

    I hope that UEFA take the italian system of retrospective diving punishment and slap him with a minimum 2-game ban. What a piece of shit.

  2. Madjair says:

    And put the ref in it as well…let them fight each other to death for that piece of bread.

  3. mike s says:

    Yup, Nunez should get a ban. Fulham were completely cheated. It is easy to fix this though. All it takes is having an additional official watch a replay and report back to the main official that it was a blatant dive. This kind of shit is destroying the game and FIFA needs to do something about it.

  4. M FFC says:

    I was at this game as fulham support, couldnt believe it. made a lot of effort to make it over here (has been a lot of fun mind, but still, that ruined the game. EUFA will not do a thing about it. If you watch the match again you will see a studs up challenge about 2 mins in from the isla players that made contact with sa i think, butnot the ball, wasnt even a booking. Lino got it wrong twice in the first half, and n the second half flagged offside then they played on, he didnt do anything about it. so referee was absolut crap. wisla fans were very good though, dont get that in the EPL

  5. chet says:

    i think the retroactive diving punishment should be given. that said, i think this is the only kind of diving that can be retroactively punished – for a feigned face slap or the like. as we saw with eduardo a few years ago, uefa will not go into retroactive bans for normal dives. it creates a precedent that is too difficult to maintain.

    but we all know that uefa is headed by and comprised of a bunch of thick wankhammering knobs so theres no chance of any of this.

  6. Patrick says:

    Yea, screw that guy! I hate that crap. I think we ought to have a bag full of soccer balls available that Fulham fans and Dembele can kick at him whilst the rat is locked in the stocks!

  7. KingEric7 says:

    “Wisla Krakow’s Gervasio Nunez” – He’d have been straight in the gas chambers with a name like that!

  8. Montesquieu says:


    You’re a retard, sir.

  9. mike says:

    Angole ja was pierdole. Is it normal – Rooney’s faul ?

  10. Knower says:

    You are all the idiots. Unsportsmanlike conduct or foul without the ball is a red card. Whether simulated Nunez has nothing to do with it. You English beets do not know how to admit error. And what you are rats and boor we see when come to Cracow to have a beer, some rubbish!!

  11. HiMan says:

    Why you English never know how the admit defeat. Why you always find guilty elsewhere?

  12. Queue says:

    I won’t never understand the obsession of the brits with the whole thing of diving. Maybe you should blame the Fulham player for let his hand fly so stupidly which is, indeed, a resource for those who want the focus of the other side off; or the ref, for not noticing it. I can understand the angry, what is plainly normal when a dive is so obvious (even in hispanic countries is felt), but this sort of persecution is excessive. There are rules administered during the match and if a player, in the behalf of his own team, manages to deceive the justice on the field, are the refs to be blamed for. There are sanctions over those who are cheating, so I think those claims on retroactive bans are a pure example of overreacting. Sorry for my English!

  13. Fack_ov says:

    Euro 2008 Poland vs Austria.Judge Webb remember.

  14. Nunez_the_best says:

    Martin Borman, ups ,Martin Jol is pitiful.

  15. Nunez_the_best says:

    Martin Borman, ups ,Martin Jol is pitiful.


    we remember Euro 2008 Austria vs Poland and judge Webb.

  16. Jagger says:

    Well, now you Britons know how the Poles felt after Howard Webb’s decision in Poland – Austria match during European Championship 2008.

  17. L Poznan says:

    Write more about Paul Scholes scored as Poles hand I do not recall this liar!

  18. arnilex says:

    directs it to the editor Wright. what do you think about the English footballer exploits during the 1973 England vs Poland match at Wembley? This was someone worse than a rat please link here to remind

  19. Maciopl98 says:

    Chris Wright, you are idiot. I’m Polish. I like Wisła. Incitement to attack Gervasio Nunez is illegal. I want to Fulham was the last in the group. Hej Wisła!

  20. realisticman says:

    if nunez is a rat how you gonna name the rooney after what hi did?????

  21. Jagger says:

    Let me remind you also of the cheater Scholes who scored the second goal using his hand during Euro Qualifier 1999 England against Poland. Nobody is crystal clear.

  22. Petty Pete says:

    I love the international slap downs on here – especially Knower who is spot on.
    KingEric – what a stupid, ignorant, pathetic comment to make. Prick.

  23. Kingdong says:

    ooohh you Polskis are going to get beat hard tonight.

    You barely managed to scrape a 1 goal win by cheating against a 10 man side at home.

    Let’s see what happens tonight

  24. milesffc says:


    revenge is sweet.

  25. Kingdong says:

    Hahaha 4-1 gutted

    and yes revenge is sweet

  26. WislaAreThugs says:


  27. Amiral says:

    and Fulham has been eliminated :)))) yeees revenge is sweeeet

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