Poor Old Cheadle Town FC Suffer Pretty Rough Day At The Office, Lose 0-22 To Russia U19s

Chris Wright

5th, October 2014


By Chris Wright

Bad day at the office? Spare a thought for Cheadle Town FC…


A cursory glance at Cheadle Town’s Twitter timeline shows Russia scored their first goal just four minutes in, before further adding to their tally in the 13th, 18th, 25th, 30th, 33rd, 38th, 42nd, 44th, 46th, 47th, 50th, 54th, 57th, 62nd, 67th, 68th, 69th, 73rd, 76th, 80th and 83rd minute before easing up for the final stretch.

We weren’t there so can’t really comment, but we think this jubilant Tweet sums up the match from a Cheadle perspective… 

Oh dear.

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  1. Zam says:

    Hahahaha, holy crap, looked at the twitter timeline, Russia had scored before he could post the team sheet…..

  2. Fat Nakago says:

    What I’d like to know is WHY was Cheadle Town FC playing this lot to begin with?! ((Or vice-versa))

  3. Jarren says:

    @Fat Nakago: Agreed.

    Is this some kind of Putin appeasement act from Cameron?

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