Denmark U21 Youngster Pione Sisto Has Press Conference Interrupted By Embarrassing Parents (Video)

Chris Wright

15th, December 2014

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By Chris Wright


Over in Denmark, a young man by the name of Pione Sisto is causing something of a stir after recently being selected for the Danish U21s for the very first time.

Currently impressing at FC Midtjylland, Sisto moved to Denmark with his Sudanese parents (more on them in a moment) at two-months-old and has basically grown up Danish.

As such, Sisto is now on the very verge of attaining his Danish citizenship, with U21 coach Jess Thorup jumping the gun slightly and including the 19-year-old winger in his squad for the team’s upcoming trip to Turkey in January.

With their son holding a media conference on the announcement of his U21 call-up, Sisto’s parents made it one to remember – gatecrashing the presser by stripping down, slathering themselves in white powder and performing what may be a traditional Sudanese coming-of-age ritual or a weapon’s-grade piece of embarrassing parenting…or both, of course.

The pair then got Pione up from behind the desk, whipped his shirt off and slathered him in white gunk too – just for the hell of it!

Cracking stuff!

(Via TV2)

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1 Comment

  1. Jarren says:

    Pretty awesome!

    Reminds me of some traditional Irish or Scottish initiation ceremony.

    Great to see him introduced into the Danish national squad, hope he makes it to the senior level!

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