Bournemouth: Sylvain Distin Displays Almost Assou-Ekottoian Levels Of Football Trivia Knowledge

Chris Wright

4th, August 2015

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What with being the Premier League’s oldest outfield player and all, it’s fair to say that Sylvain Distin has waltzed around the block a few times.
Unfortunately, it would appear that the 37-year-old Frenchman has picked up precisely nothing on the way, with the veteran Bournemouth defender proving as much in a quick trivia quiz with The Sun.
In fact, it seems Distin doesn’t know the first thing about the game he plays for a living – not that he cares in the slightest.
When asked which club finished third in the Premier League last season, Distin replied: “You need to ask that to someone else…I have no idea and it doesn’t matter.”
It was a similar response when Distin was pressed for the name of Stoke City’s stadium: “Don’t know. I’m not going to pretend to have football knowledge. It’s not about who plays where, it changes nothing to me.”
We now move into the quick-fire section of the quiz, which features some gems…
Question: How many titles has Jose Mourinho won?
Distin: “Five?”
Q: Where does Manuel Pellegrini come from?
D: “Is it Italy? Yes. Somewhere in Italy.”
Q: How much did Angel Di Maria cost?
D: “About £2.50?”
Q: Name a Watford player.
D: “I don’t know”
Almost Assou-Ekottoian levels of disinterest in your chosen profession. Impressive.