Oldham Fan Finds Hi-Vis Jacket, Poses As Match Steward During Goalless Draw Against Rochdale (Photos)

Chris Wright

27th, October 2015

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With Saturday’s League One clash between Rochdale and Oldham eventually finishing a dreary goalless draw, it would appear that the fans were forced to make their own entertainment.

To whit, Oldham fan Daniel Ball kept himself amused by stumbling across a hi-vis jacket and, after being egged on by his cronies, used it to pose as a match steward for several minutes before eventually being sounded out by the actual security staff on duty at Spotland…


Image: @stefirth/Twitter

Daniel, 25, recounted his shenanigans to the Daily Mirror:

Basically, I found a high-vis jacket outside the ground and put it on for a laugh.

When I saw one of my mates, he dared me to pretend to be a steward – so I went to the toilet, put the high-vis back on, walked out and stood between two stewards.

A couple of minutes later, a female steward asked me where I’d come from – I just pointed to the tunnel area and said they’d sent me from there.

She bought it and walked off.

When the real stewards eventually cottoned on to the fact that Daniel was actually just some chancer in a fluorescent yellow waistcoat, they did the decent thing and ushered him back to his seat, rather than turfing him out of the ground altogether.

(Via Mirror)

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1 Comment

  1. jose_to_newcastle says:

    Move over Billy Connolly – there is a new comedy genius in town! A man puts on a hi vis jacket and then stands near a crowd for a few minutes-?! Fuck a duck – have you ever heard of more hilarity in your entire life?!! Might as well shut the internet down forever, no one will ever top this level of comedy!! (AND!!! he managed to convince another steward with his genius line of “they sent me from over there” – comedy genius AND a con artist! what are the odds!!) If he doesn’t get knighted in the new years honours for being king o’ banter then there is something seriously wrong with the modern world…

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