Spanish footballer (and Dragon Ball fan) changes his name to Goku

Ollie Irish

12th, October 2020

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Spanish footballer Joan Roman, who plays for Miedz Legnica in Poland’s second tier (he spent a couple of years at Man City’s youth academy before playing for Barcelona B), has legally changed his name to Goku, after the cult hero of the Japanese manga/anime series Dragon Ball. Why, you ask? Joan explained on his social media:

Now I am Goku. I chose that name because I feel identified with its values and what it represents to me: perseverance, empathy, growth against obstacles, light and positivity.

This reminds me of the time Llewelleyn Curbishley changed his name to Alan (true story) – will Roman’s powers get a similar boost from his name change? You’ll have to watch Miedz Legnica in action to find out.

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1 Comment

  1. Marjorie Fortress says:

    Wonderful stuff, Goku!

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