The Twit And Wisdom Of Leon Knight On Twitter

Ollie Irish

21st, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

If you’re on Twitter (as I am), then you must follow journeyman footballer Leon Knight. Knightie, as he prefers to be known, is GOLD.

Some examples of his tweets:

Jus called reception ask for internet service he said £19:99 for 24hr internet service I had to ask him if he was smoking plastic

For those who don’t know colin hill he’s the funder of rusden and diamonds he’s the biggest crook EVER!!!!!!!

Jewish people know how to make money I love them including my agent @agent2Lk this man is serious

i cant spell for shit loool excuse my french !! i shud of listened in school tut tut i have no gcse’s nothing

joe cole is the best english player since gazza trust me he is f##king dumb with it i grew up with him hes something else

WOW ive been at 13 clubs …. #str8face

if i got a iphone 4 is it worth getting a ipad


Leon Knight is 28, though you wouldn’t know it from his shaky grasp of the English language, nor his knockabout Semitic stereotypes. As he admits, he’s been around the block – you should check out his career path on Wiki – and along the way earned a rep as a player with plenty of raw talent but an equally abrasive attitude; those who defend him claim he’s misunderstood, equally I know some fans who have no time for him at all. Smoke meet fire.

He’s currently without a home, and he’s in dispute with former club Rushden & Diamonds; he claims the club have invoked a clause in a contract signed in 2008 to retain his registration until the end of 2010-11. This has put a spanner in Knight’s proposed move to Darlington, a cause of obvious frustration for the player, as his recent tweets have shown.

Anyway, we recommend you follow @knightie82 and you’ll certainly be first to hear when he finds a new club.