The Fiendish Friday Quiz

Ollie Irish

16th, February 2007


1 RC Strasbourg, Everton, RC Lens, Leeds Utd, AS Roma, Inter Milan (current). Whose career path?
2 Who was the best man at David Beckham’s wedding?
3 Picture round: Who’s the cat in the hat?

4 What do Old Carthusians, Derby County, Royal Engineers, Leeds United, Oxford University, Wimbledon and Portsmouth have in common?
5 Who scored his only goal in English football for Chelsea against Liverpool in 2000?
6 The club crest challenge:

Answers below…


1 Olivier Dacourt
2 Gary Neville (bet he made a great speech)
3 Steven Pressley
4 They have all won the FA Cup on just one occasion.
5 Pierluigi Casiraghi
6 Ajax

Scores on the doors – anyone get full marks?