FIFA 14 Review: Goodness Gracious, Great Balls Of Fire

Chris Wright

20th, September 2013


By Gareth McKnight

The FIFA 14 demo has been released, with the full version of the game set to be launched on 27th September in the UK. The overwhelming majority of those talking about the demo on Twitter are making positive noises, with EA Sports keen to introduce changes to the game this year.

One of the main criticisms of the last game, FIFA 13, was that it was very similar to its predecessor, with limited changes to the gameplay or graphics between the two versions. With that in mind, the new edition has promised a lot more features and for the interaction to be more realistic.

Fifa 14

On first sight and having a fiddle with the demo, the change in pace is noticeable. In previous versions it has become too easy to simply play long through-balls, with pacey wingers and strikers breaking through opposition defences to get into one-on-one situations with goalkeepers – after a while it became predictable and tedious.

However, the new version seems to take a bit more skill and precision to forge such opportunities. Speed no longer seems to be the overarching attribute that you should look for, with the individual player’s technique and strength more prevalent in the latest version.

Fifa 14

When attacking it feels like you need to be more measured and methodical to break down opponents and the gameplay certainly has more of a realistic feel to it. There seems to be more intelligence in this version of the game, with teammates making clever runs and apparently aware of the offside trap. It means that passing football rules the roost over simply launching the ball over the top and getting fast players to run after it. EA Sports accredit this improvement to the Ignite Engine, a new feature for this version.

The graphics have also been tweaked slightly and look improved, while the game commentary is interesting and insightful – with Jeff Stelling on board to provide pre-match ambles! The match sounds are as realistic as ever, with the crowd wonderfully responsive.

Fifa 14

My initial thoughts on the demo are that it is clear that the powers that be behind the game have taken on board feedback from the fans, and have tried to address some of the areas where improvements can be made. Playing the demo is enjoyable and more technical than in previous editions, which has been vocalised online by those who have done likewise.

With the full release upcoming, FIFA 14 has the potential to be the most popular version of the EA Sports classic in recent years.

You can download the FIFA 14 demo here (and follow the same link if you’d like to pre-order the game ahead of launch).

FIFA 14 was reviewed by Gareth McKnight. FIFA 14 will be released in the UK on September 27th.

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  1. walt says:

    Well, it’s great that the Ignite Engine improves gameplay. Considering it will only will be used for the PS4 and XBOne versions. Consoles who aren’t even out yet.

    Getting paid to endorse FIFA 14 isn’t wrong, and you’re hardly the only one. But calling this a “review” is just bollocks. The first half of the first sentence is missing, by the way.

    Also, no one complained about the graphics of FIFA 13. The main problem was the gameplay, with FUT way too fast and Careers a tad too slow. Oh, and the shitty engine and seemingly random gameplay.

  2. chris says:

    Nothing beats Olaf Pederson in FIFA 94 on Sega Megadrive.

  3. Graf says:

    Im with Walt^

  4. Sean says:

    ^ this

    If this was a review, you should have at least listed some bad qualities as well. This is bollocks, though I guess you’re not to blame. You probably got that identical article by a EA rep, with orders not to tamper with it. You/they should know that this kind of writing lacks too much objectivity to be redeemed credible.

    On subject: Concentration of the play is now just on midfield, instead of, as is in FIFA 13, attack. Though I like this shift of play, I’m still not buying it. Personally, after playing the demo I still felt it was too similar to its predecessor. The feel of the game is identical, maybe even faster than before.
    If the PES-franchise didn’t feature goalkeepers that are as dynamic as a stuffed elephant, putting their hands forward while the ball goes past their shoulders, I might have been tempted to purchase PES 2014. To Konami and EA Sports I am obliged to repeat myself: maybe next year.

  5. Stuart says:

    Bang on the money Walt,

    EA pay for good reviews, its common knowledge, I for one won’t be buying it until I read some non biased independant reviews.

  6. Tony D says:

    It is shit like it has been for the last years.

  7. __wowza says:

    actually, when it seemed like more of the same when i played it. the announcing was the same aside from the little add ons (did you know spurs had a champions league run?) to keep it relevant.

    it seems like typical EA syndrome. you’re the only game in town so you can just roll out the same thing each year with updated rosters/kits and say you’ve made “hundreds of minor improvements”. it’s nothing like the gap between FIFA10 and FIFA11, so i wouldn’t bother.

  8. lulzy says:

    fifa 14 will be fifa 08 with a few updates that could of been downloaded as a patch or dlc lol

  9. dan n says:

    I suppose both EA and Konami should stop making football games? If its not up to most of your standards, dont play it, dont talk about it and generally just go play pacman. Personally I think FiFa do a good job, you are talking about 40pound, your making out like you are making a purchase the size of a house, you spend 40 pound will get hours and hours of use of it and have endless banter with pals, why dont you wait and see how the PS4 version is before you all start moaning.

  10. Maria says:

    >FUT way too fast and Careers a tad too slow

    I found career slow, but used something called ‘options’ to change the game speed more to my liking.

  11. janbeej says:

    Yeah FIFA won again ;).. check: for tips and hints for FUT

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