Retro Football: Leeds United Trio Dorigo, Deane & Newsome Play Some FIFA International Soccer On Kid’s Television, 1993 (Video)

Chris Wright

19th, August 2014


By Chris Wright


Appearing on the fondly-remembered ‘Bad Influence’ youth-centric video games show at some point around about 1993, here’s Leeds United superstars Tony Dorigo, Jon Newsome and Brian Deane (draped in suitably sumptuous club track-suits) giving mid-1990s children’s television behemoth Andy Crane a helping hand during a segment on the new raft of football games to have hit the consoles at the time.

Skip to the 14:45 mark for the start of the segment, which culminates in a huge, blow-off 2v2 FIFA International Soccer battle between Dorigo /Newsome and Crane/Deane.

The tension is unreal(ish)…

Violet Berlin *sigh*

My word, how Pies had a pre-pubescent crush on her!

As dug up by Pies’ favourite footballing time-wasters @ChristophLedger and @DavidHartrick, there’s tons more of this stuff knocking about on Youtube.

For example, here’s Andy Cole taking on Andy Crane while Lee Clark grapples with Actua Soccer on the PC.

Check the aforementioned pair’s Twitter timelines for shed loads more of the same.

* * * * *

Also, if this kind of thing floats your boat, then we heartily suggest you give a3HeadedMonkey’s vintage gaming Youtube archive a shufty.

It’s a treasure trove of old GamesMaster series (hosted by Dominik Diamond with the late, great Sir Patrick Moore in the title role!) with a cornucopia of mid-1990’s football superstars invited on as special guests.

Think Dean Holdsworth, Kasey Keller, Andy Townsend, John Fashanu, Ian Wright, Tony Daley, Les Ferdinand and Vinnie Jones and you’re well on your way!

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  1. Mr Sensible says:

    There isn’t even a cartridge in the SNES that Brian Deane is playing!

    Never liked Andy Crane, always thought he was a bit of a wet blanket. The fact they all decided FIFA was better than Sensible Soccer clearly shows they are a bunch of losers.

  2. Jarren says:

    So many memories!

    While everyone else in school had SNES / Megadrives with FIFA, I had an Amiga and therefore Sensible Soccer.

    I still remember classmates saying how FIFA had great graphics and that somehow made it better than Sensible Soccer.

    Stupid tits.

  3. Rory says:

    The male presenter is like Eric from That 70s Show.

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