Granada Defender Allan Nyom Recreates Famous FIFA ’94 Glitch By Running Away From Referee (Video)

Chris Wright

15th, September 2014

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By Chris Wright


Perhaps “famous” isn’t the right word, but Pies can distinctly remember that it was possible to delay receiving a yellow card from the referee while playing FIFA ’94 if you merely sprinted away from the jobsworth official as he chased you around the pitch…

Of course, we can’t be certain that Granada right-back Allan Nyom was directly referencing EA Sports’ classic first instalment of the FIFA franchise when he simply sprinted away from referee Carlos del Cerro Grande to avoid punishment for a foul committed against Villarreal at the weekend, but we’re more than willing to believe he was…

Lovely stuff. Textbook, even.

Turns out that Granada’s 0-0 draw against Villarreal was quite an eventful outing for Nyom, who also scored big by pulling off this spectacularly terrible dive – another staple of the early FIFA games – having been shut down in the corner…

If Nyom didn’t win Man of the Match, we’d like to shake the hand of the man that did!