Oblivious: German Interviewer Mistakes Andre Schurrle For Pro Gamer So He Simply Goes Along With It (Video)

Chris Wright

17th, September 2015



Apologies as our translation may be a little off here, but what we think we’re looking at is a German interviewer mistakenly lulled into thinking she was chatting with a professional Call of Duty gamer (yep, apparently such a thing exists).

In fact, she was actually grilling Wolfsburg winger and World Cup winner Andre Schurrle, who is paid to shill for Call of Duty over in Germany and had turned up to wax lyrical about his favourite game.

To be fair to Schurrle, he didn’t get offended – in fact, he simply adopted the persona of “Christian Chmiel, 2008 ESL pro-series champion” for several minutes instead…

Here’s a rough translation, provided by Reddit user sueha:

Host: “I’m excited to do this spontaneous interview. Since it was so spontaneous, I was only given a Wikipedia article and I may now say hello to Christian Chmiel, who was 2008 ESL pro-series champion and is now back – hello, Christian.”

Schürrle: “Hello. Nice to be here!!”

Host: “I’m surprised you can speak German because in my article it says you’re from England and I wanted to talk English to you but you said “wie gehts?” (German for ‘how are you’)”

Schürrle: “Yeah, my mother is German and my dad is from England, but that may not be part of your Wikipedia article.”

Host: “Nice, so you were raised bilingually?”

Schürrle: “Exactly.”

Host: “I have a few questions for you. Do you think that Denial won deservedly against Revenge in this year’s championships?”

Schürrle (laughing): “Once again please?”

Host: “Okay! Why are you laughing?”

Schürrle: “It’s just… I played a few times against him and yeah…”

Host: “So he is a no-name to you?”

Schürrle: “Yeah, he had no chance, one has to say.”

Host: “Okay, but at the tournament… do you think that Denial won deservedly against Revenge?”

Schürrle: “Yeah, definitely, I think it was a good ga-hahahaha”

Host: “Why is everybody laughing? Are you dumb? I mean, not you… (to Andre)”

Schürrle: “I guess I have to clear up something here…”

Shortly thereafter, Schurrle revealed his true identity to his oblivious host.

Host: “You said you are in the German national team – how did you do recently with the national team then?”

Schürrle: “You don’t know anything about football at all?”

Host: “No…”

Schürrle: “Well, with the national team we became World Cup champions recently.”


(Via Focus.de)