Football Manager And PES Remove Adam Johnson From Their Games, FIFA Struggle To Follow Suit

Chris Wright

4th, March 2016



Both Football Manager and Pro Evolution Soccer have announced that all trace of Adam Johnson has been wiped from their databases following the disgraced footballer’s conviction for child sex offences.

According to Digital Spy, SEGA confirmed that Johnson has been removed from the Football Manager database while Konami followed suit by announcing that he will be scratched from the PES 2016 game as soon as the latest roster update is released in March.

A representative of Konami also added that Johnson will be removed from the PES 2016 online mode as of next week.

Meanwhile, EA Sports have apologised after “technical issues” prevented them from removing Johnson’s likeness from every version of the game.

“We released a team update last month to remove Adam Johnson; however due to technical issues it is not possible to delete him from everyone’s version,” a spokesperson said.

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  1. Jarren says:

    Who cares. Why can’t EA even bother to upload a profile pic of Marcus Rashford, let alone update his stats?

    He’s just a grey silhouette with shit stats. DO SOMETHING, EA.

  2. Tomtom says:

    First Premier League World Problems.

  3. other dave says:

    @Jarren – Relax. Rashford will fade back into obscurity soon enough.

  4. Anonymous says:

    They haven’t removed him from my FM game – fucker just scored the winner against me and dumped me out of the title race. (probably my own fault for picking the Arsenal job…)

  5. Todger Tugger says:

    So what, it’s not as if he can groom opposing players, its just pixels. He won’t be in the next versions, chill.

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