Fiendish Friday Quiz

Ollie Irish

31st, August 2007


1 Nantes, Olympique Marseille, Bordeaux, Olympique Marseille, Juventus, Chelsea, Valencia (retired). Which former player’s career?
2 Diego Maradona has tattoos of which two 20th century icons?
3 Picture round: who’s this?
4 True or false: Clarence Seedorf has won the Champions League with every club he has played for?
5 In which Rodgers & Hammerstein musical does the song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ feature?
6 The club crest challenge:
Answers below…

1 Didier Deschamps
2 Che Guevara (right arm) and Fidel Castro (left leg)
3 Ricardo Quaresma of Porto
4 False. He didn’t win it with Sampdoria or Inter – although he has won it with each of his other clubs: Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan
5 Carousel
6 Shakhtar Donetsk
How did you get on this week – too fiendish or not fiendish enough?

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  1. goonersteve says:

    three right. 2,3 & 6

  2. nick says:

    cant remember seedorf winning the champions league with inter…unless he lifted the european cup with them in 1965.

  3. Alessandro says:

    4/6 – I got 1,3,4 and 6

  4. Joe says:

    Read over the 2nd one and mistook desailly for deschamps.

  5. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Correct Nick – changed now

  6. Andy says:

    Pies! What has happened to your footballing knowledge? 1st claiming Barca were Spanish champions and now Seedorf winning the champs league with Inter! It seems you’ve taken your eye of the ball quicker than Kanu in a West Brom shirt…

  7. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    It’s the crack cocaine Andy, very moreish

  8. OmegaSupreme says:

    3 I’m not as much as an idiot as I thought !

  9. Kipp says:

    2, seedorf and shakhtar, thought quaresma was hugo almeida, deschamps and dessailly confusion and got che guevara, so is that 2.5? or 2.75?

  10. Bleustilton says:

    5. Didn’t get Shakhtar.

  11. dp says:

    Wow, 4 of 6–didn’t recognize Quaresma with short hair, and didn’t know which musical. I’m sort of proud of myself.

  12. kj says:

    One, one fiendish question! Ah-ah-ah.
    Yeah, only one, and as usual, the crest. Only thing that got it for me this time is my vague ability to read Cyrillic characters.

  13. Dan says:

    3 right.seedorf shakthar and quaresma. rookie error missing deschamps. rightly proud that i didnt get the musical…

  14. jar514 says:

    Does being able to read Russian count as cheating though?

  15. Łupek says:

    4/6 yet again
    Easiest club crest challenge ever for those who know Russian, including me :)
    Never had a chance with that musical – it wasn’t exactly played in a theatre near me.
    I present myself with The Homer Simpson D’oh! Award for not guessing Deschamps though…

  16. Liam says:

    2-im struggling in recent weeks :(

  17. Matthew Burke says:

    fiendish as usual
    I didn’t know about Maradona and Carousel
    the other ones were not too difficult

  18. Danny says:

    5.5 out of 6, rather than saying Fidel Castro I said Marilyn Monroe :-S

  19. ullu says:

    5/6, didn’t have a clue about the musical

  20. Ciaran says:

    5/6 cant believe i didn’t get the seedorf one right.