The Fiendish Friday Quiz


21st, September 2007


1 From which club did Arsenal sign right-back Bakary Sagna?
2 During his time at Arsenal, Ashley Cole was loaned out to which other London club?
3 Picture round. Who’s in close-up?
4 Before he became directly involved in football, Peter Kenyon was the chief executive of which sportswear firm?
5 LA Galaxy share their home stadium, the Home Depot Center, with which other MLS team?
6 The club crest challenge:
Answers after the leap into hyperspace…

1 Auxerre
2 Crystal Palace
3 Alvaro Recoba
4 Umbro
5 CD Chivas USA
6 Oxford United
How did you do, you lovely people?

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  1. mof gimmers says:

    4 out of 6 again. Stumped by the LA Galaxy one and Auxerre! Drat!

  2. Łupek says:

    Did not know about Cashley at Crystal Palace, never came across Oxford United’s crest.
    The pattern is clear – purely English FFQ = 0 pts,
    Mixed English/European FFQ = 4 points.
    I love FFQs! (those of the latter type)

  3. Kipp says:

    3, my best yet, thought alvaro was ayala and didnt get oxford or kenyon

  4. Matthew Burke says:

    4/6, i’m back on track
    got Auxerre, Recoba, Umbro, and Chivas.
    I had no idea Ashley Cole played for Palace (I picked West Ham)
    & I thought the crest belonged to some asian team (they adore cows there)

  5. kj says:

    Not a surprise, the return of the crest challenge means a point. Plus, you asked an MLS question, and an easy one at that.

  6. cole says:

    Am I the only one for whom Oxford City makes me think of WANG computers