The Tuesday Teaser


9th, October 2007


I know that many of you love the Fiendish Friday Quiz, so I’ve decided to beef up the quiz content on Pies by introducing a Tuesday Teaser, which will appear, as if by magic, every Tuesday. Simply look at the three sets of photo clues and name the footballer each refers to (click each image to enlarge):
1 teaser1.jpgteaser2.jpg
2 teaser3.JPGteaser4.jpgteaser5.jpgteaser6.jpg
3 teaser7.jpgteaser8.jpgteaser9.jpg
Answers after the click…

1 Vagner Love (that’s a picture of the composer Wagner plus actress Jennifer Love Hewitt)
2 Marlon Harwood (comprised of Johnny Marr, Lon Chaney Jr, hair – obviously – and B-movie director Ed Wood)
3 Luca Toni (Luke Skywalker, Saddam saying ‘aaaah’ and Fat Tony from The Simpsons)
Not a bad way to spend 5-10 minutes of your lunch break, I hope. How did you find it? Too easy, too difficult or about right?

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  1. Kipp says:

    Bizarre and hard
    only got luca toni, but only after trying to fit saddam in his name

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Yep, there’s a bit of lateral thinking required for a couple of the clues, but don’t want to make it too easy!

  3. OmegaSupreme says:

    Oh I get it.. eventually :S
    Didn’t recognise anyone until 3 and then pipped for “Luke Saddam Tony”, I need a little practice I think.

  4. Łupek says:

    But Marlon Harwood was way too difficult for me.
    We sure do love them quizes, ain’t we?

  5. Matthew Burke says:

    Great, a new quiz !!!
    i scored 1/3 with Vagner Love
    it’s difficult, and i am really happy to have got one
    I had no clue for the second set and thought the last one was Tony Adams (Fat Tony + some kind of backwards Sadam)

  6. Bleustilton says:

    I only got Vagner Love.

  7. Alessandro says:

    1/3 with Luca Toni – It’s quite hard, but you should definately carry on with it

  8. Louwrens says:

    ” Saddam saying ‘aaaah'”

  9. pbg says:

    2/3 this is really fun!

  10. UltraMagnus says:

    I don’t know how familiar you are with the Independent’s take on this (back page of the Saturday magazine) but I reckon it’d be a good idea to adopt their style of putting no gap between the pictures if they’re part of a single word.
    so, for example, Luke and Saddam would be adjoined.
    could be the start of something beautiful…