The Tuesday Teaser

Ollie Irish

12th, February 2008

Three footballers, each one represented by a set of photo clues. Guess who they are (answers after the click). Lateral thinking required…
1. dfhw89efy8e.jpgblackberry_2771.jpg8321.jpg
2. dfhw89efy8e.jpgcdoiah89we7f.jpg
3. asicuyas78yh1.jpg23315460.jpg

1. Phillippe Senderos
(Actor Ryan Phillippe, a Blackberry used to send emails, and Eros in Piccadilly Circus)
2. Ryan Babel (Actor Ryan Phillippe – him again – and stills from the movie Babel)
3. Gareth Bale (Gareth Keenan from The Office, and a bale of straw)

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