Fiendish Friday Quiz

Ollie Irish

29th, February 2008

1. Career path
Viking, Manchester United, Viking, Groningen, Fulham
2. True or false
The first English side to win the European Cup Winners’ Cup was West Ham United.
3. Picture round
4. Team mates
Jackie Milburn, Dennis Viollet, Fitzroy Simpson – all played for which club?
5. Fixture Name the teams
6. Who am I?
I was born in Edinburgh in 1953. My career has taken me to jobs in far-flung places including Canada, Portugal and Italy. I won the European Cup as a player. I was sacked from my last managerial post and have been out-of-work ever since.

1. Career path Erik Nevland
2. True or false False – West Ham won it in 1965, but Tottenham had already won the competition in 1963.
3. Picture round Paul Jewell
4. Team mates Linfield of Northern Ireland
5. Fixture Name the teams Norwich City and Ipswich Town – the East Anglian derby
6. Who am I? Graeme Souness

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