Viral Football: How Playing FIFA Online Works

Ollie Irish

3rd, November 2010


By Ollie Irish

Anyone who has ever played FIFA online knows the frustration of 1) Lag, and 2) Playing against kids who always, always pick the same big team – it used to be Inter, Barcelona or Chelsea but now you can add Ronaldo’s Real Madrid to the mix – and always, always use the star players to run rings around you.

These people are… how can I put this… c**ts.

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  1. Stevie the K says:


    Stopped playing online for that reason and when playing in online 11s actually playing as part of a team means you don’t see the ball.

  2. Samhumphreys says:

    The lag shouldn’t be noticeable if you have a decent connection and if you don’t like going the big teams (Teams like Inter are 4.5/5 :/) then go a 4 star team or whoever you support and in a couple of games, people will match you.. It’s now much easier to get a game

  3. Jon says:

    I play as Liverpool on FIFA, they’re hardly overpowered I’d say. And Chelsea seem to have replaced Barca as the best team in the game this year.

    Still seem to play it a lot more than I should though.

  4. mizman says:

    This post is spot on!

  5. megaman789 says:

    I simply don’t get why you’re ranting abt this.
    I usually play with liverpool cuz its the team i support and I know that every single player takes some 5-star bad-ass team but they never worry me even when I’m playing with a 2-3 star team. If you’re good enough, you’ll be able kill them off with only basic passing moves. Also check out the “advanced defending tutorial” and learn to jockey well.

  6. RedSkywalker says:

    I play with Ireland, then the opposing bastard decides to choose Germany or something…

    I still surprise him though.

  7. Juan says:

    Seems to be less 12 year old’s playing Pro Evo..I always choose a mediocre side and more often than not the opponent will follow suit. I’ve even had messages from opponents saying “cheers for not going Barca”..

    Bottom line PES 11 > Fifa 11

  8. Baggees says:

    This prob isn’t relevant but I really like the faces

  9. The Truth says:

    The Truth likes Baggees’ comment.

  10. bumhead says:

    basically, i like to spend milking my team selection. I try to take 4 mins selecting doncaster rovers. then when the other team pick barca, I cancel on their ass! HAHAHAH

  11. Mark Norman says:

    Let’s please set up a society for people who would rather play as other teams than the big 4 on FIFA. I’d rather play an Old Firm derby or Millwall vs. West Ham than Inter vs. Real.

  12. It doesn’t bother me playing against big teams all the time. What bothers me is when you are 1-0 up as Oman against Spain after 75 minutes and the other guy quits…

  13. QueerAsFuß says:

    Hooray for random Freiburg love. ^_^

    I have to admit I’ve never tried the FIFA games(except the one I have for my Gameboy Micro *L* AB and the direction keys does not equal rivating game play)

    I do love to play FIFA Manager though.

    Ollie, not sure if you check out all the comments(I can’t imagine you do…) but there is something I thought might be of interest for a pies Kit article. Last game day Kaiserslautern FC for the anniversary of Fritz Walter’s birthday wore a retro kit without sponsor logo. Was very stylish and quite nice to see a trikot without sponsor. FCK have a lovely kit as is- with the old style and turtleneck underneath was all the nicer. I think they have one of my personal favourite kits.

  14. Erik says:

    Hey that’s my comic I posted on Reddit. Cheers for having good taste!

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