The Fiendish Friday Quiz


16th, May 2008

More fiendish than Dr Shinawatra
1. Career path Blackpool, QPR, West Ham, Man City, Cardiff City (current)
2. Multiple choice Who sponsored the FA Cup between 1995-98? a) Axa, b) Carslberg, c) Littlewood’s, d) Nationwide
3. Picture round Who’s this?
4. Team-mates Peter Ndlovu, Dean Windass, Phil Thompson, Chris Kamara and Steve Bruce have all played for which club?
5. The fixture Name the two teams below:
6. Who am I? I was born in 1948. I support Sheffield United. I used to run a chiropody practice. I am a qualified referee. I have won promotion as a manager on six separate occasions.
Answers after the click…

1. Career path Trevor Sinclair
2. Multiple choice c) Littlewood’s
3. Picture round Luka Modric
4. Team-mates Sheffield United
5. The fixture Bristol City (red/white) vs Hull City (amber/black)
6. Who am I? Neil Warnock
How did you get on this week?

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