The Fiendish Friday Quiz: Euro 2008 Special!


30th, May 2008

Fiendishness with a European flavour1. Career path Boavista, Benfica, Fiorentina, Benfica (current)
2. Multiple choice Euro 2012 will be hosted by which two countries? a) Poland & Hungary, b) Poland & Ukraine, c) Poland & Latvia, d) Poland & Belarus
3. Picture round Who’s wearing shades?
4. Team-mates Roland Linz, Martin Harnik and Ronald Gercaliu are all members of which nation’s Euro 08 squad?
5. The fixture Name the two international teams pictured below:
6. Who am I? I was born in France in 1965. I played in three European championship finals, winning one. I scored the World Cup’s first ever golden goal. I have played club football in France, Italy, Spain and England.

1. Career path Nuno Gomes, silky haired Portgual striker
2. Multiple choice b) Poland & Ukraine
3. Picture round Italian midfielder Simone Perrotta
4. Team-mates Co-hosts Austria
5. The fixture Spain (red) vs Romania (yellow), at Euro ’96
6. Who am I? Laurent Blanc
How did you fare in this Euro-themed week?

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