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20th, June 2008

More Euro 2008-flavoured fiendishness
1. Career path GD Estoril-Praia, Vitória FC, Porto, Chelsea (current)
2. Multiple choice Michel Platini top-scored at Euro 1984, with how many goals? a) Six, b) Seven, c) Eight, d) Nine
3. Picture round Which Euro star?
4. Team-mates How many Juventus players feature in Euro 2008 squads (including those from teams already eliminated)? And a bonus point for naming them all.
5. The fixture Name the two international teams below…
6. Who am I? I was born in 1973. I almost signed for Arsenal in 2003 but had a falling-out with Arsene Wenger. I signed for Barcelona instead. In 2003, FIFA named me as the best goalkeeper in the world.

1. Career path
Paulo Ferreira
2. Multiple choice d) Nine
3. Picture round Colin-Kazim Richards
4. Team-mates Five. They are: Alessandro del Piero, Gigi Buffon, Mauro Camoranesi, Giorgio Chiellini (all Italy), Zdenek Grygera (Czech Rep.)
5. The fixture Denmark (white/red) vs Czech Republic (red/blue), in a game at Euro 2000.
6. Who am I? Rustu Recber, Turkish goalie

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