The Fiendish Friday Quiz


4th, July 2008

It’s that time again…
1. Career path West Bromwich Albion, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough, Rangers, Sheffield Utd (current)
2. Multiple choice Which English club has the most outright Community (formerly Charity) Shield wins? a) Man Utd, b) Liverpool, c) Arsenal, d) Everton
3. Picture round Who dis?
4. Get shirty Viglen, The Woolwich, Llanera and Redbus have all sponsored the shirt of which English club?
5. The fixture
6. Who am I? I was born in Stoke Newington in 1958, but I moved to Dublin aged three. I played for just two clubs in my 20-year playing career. One of the clubs I played for, I went on to manage, between 1998-2002. I am currently without a job.

1. Career path
Ugo Ehiogu
2. Multiple choice a) Man Utd, with 12 wins
3. Picture round Scott Carson
4. Get shirty Charlton Athletic
5. The fixture Real Madrid (white) vs Sevilla (dark red)
6. Who am I? David O’Leary
How was it for you?

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