The Fiendish Friday Quiz


11th, July 2008

More brain pain…
1. Career path Aalesund, AS Monaco, Liverpool, Roma (current)
2. Multiple choice Which football figure controversially suggested in 2004 that female footballers should wear tighter shorts? a) Lennart Johansson, b) Rodney Marsh, c) Sepp Blatter, d) Joao Havelange
3. Picture round Who dis?
4. Get shirty Which company sponsors Real Madrid’s shirt?
5. The fixture Name the two clubs, half a point for each:
6. Name games Which club’s nickname translates as the “yellow canaries”?
How was it for you?

1. Career path
John Arne Riise
2. Multiple choice c) Sepp Blatter
3. Picture round Giovani dos Santos, Spurs’ new Mexican
4. Get shirty, an online gaming company
5. The fixture Villareal (yellow) vs Fiorentina (purple)
6. Name games Fenerbahce
How did you do this week?

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