The Fiendish Friday Quiz

Ollie Irish

22nd, August 2008

1. Career path Marconi Stallions, Dynamo Dresden, Kaiserslautern, Bradford City, Middlesbrough, Fulham (current)
2. Multiple choice Who was Man Utd’s club captain before Roy Keane? a) Steve Bruce, b) Bryan Robson, c) Eric Cantona, d) Paul Ince
3. Picture round Who dis?
4. Get shirty Danka, Kejian and One 2 One have all sponsored the shirt of which British club?
5. The fixture Name the two teams:
6. Name games Which team plays at the Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara?
Answers after the jump:

1. Career path
Mark Schwarzer
2. Multiple choice c) Eric Cantona
3. Picture round Michael Rensing, Bayern Munich goalkeeper
4. Get shirty Everton
5. The fixture AC Milan v Sampdoria
6. Name games San Jose Earthquakes
How did you fare this week?

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