Spot the Baller: 9 July, 2009

Ollie Irish

9th, July 2009


Today’s Spot the Baller is arguably easier than yesterday’s edition, but I’ll still be interested to see your answers. Who dis? (Click image to enlarge - the clues are there…)
PA-295847 copy.jpg
If you think you know who it is, leave a comment with your answer.
PA-642286TB.jpgYesterday’s answer: Martin Keown
Top marks to those of you who weren’t fooled into thinking that the reddish hair (sunlight, not hair dye) belonged to Freddie Ljungberg. One look at those monkey-man forearms should have been enough to give it away. Bonus point to Dave, who was first with the right answer, and Gary, who even identified the correct match: Man Utd v Arsenal @ Old Trafford in 2003 (the infamous game when Van Nistelrooy missed a penalty and Keown got in his face).