The Fiendish Friday Quiz is back!

Ollie Irish

17th, July 2009


So many of you have requested the return of the FFQ that I couldn’t hold out any longer. No doubt the format of the quiz will evolve in the coming weeks, but for now it has a comfortably familiar look…
1. Crystal Palace, Southend United, Derby County, Charlton Athletic, West Ham United, Charlton Athletic, Watford, Charlton Athletic, Leicester City (current). Whose journeyman career?
2. When Ron Atkinson made the racist remark that cost him job as a pundit for ITV, which two teams was he co-commentating on?
3. What links Rank Xerox, Air Florida and Draper Tools?
4. In the 2007/08 season, Cristiano Ronaldo won the PFA Player of the Year and the PFA Young Player of the Year awards. Who is the only other player to achieve this double?
5. Picture round. Who is this?
6. Which was Teddy Sheringham’s last professional club?
7. Which Premier League player’s last name is Blumer?
8. Who won the first ever FIFA World Player of the Year award, in 1991?
9. Fill in the blank in this quote by Franz Beckenbauer: “Pele was the best in the 60s, Cruyff in the 70s, Maradona in the 80s and ________ in the 90s.”
10. The club crest challenge:
Leave a comment with your shout – answers will be revealed on Monday. If anyone gets 10/10 (no Wikipedia use please!), I’ll be suitably impressed.

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  1. Kipp says:

    1. Kishizhev?! No idea
    2.Chelsea and Barcelona
    3. All sponsored West Ham
    4.Andy Gray (cert)
    5.A. Johnson
    6.Colchester United
    8.Van Basten

  2. Ollie says:

    Just two and a half out of 10 Kipp!!

  3. Kipp says:

    It’s not called fiendish for nothing ollie!
    And i know which 2 1/2

  4. Wigwam says:

    1. Chris Powell
    2. Chelsea and Monaco
    3. Sponsored Southampton
    4. Andy Gray
    5. Stefan Oakes
    6. Colchester Utd
    7. Elano
    8. George Weah
    9. Zidane (the Real one, not Bruno Cheyrou)
    10. Motherwell

  5. kazimkazim says:

    1. Chris Powell
    2. France and somebody?
    3. Southampton sponsors
    5. Canadian legend David Edgar
    6. Colchester?
    7. Elano
    8. Matthaus
    9. Romario
    10. Brondby

  6. Willie says:

    1. C. Powell
    2. Monaco v Chelsea
    3. Southhampton shirt sponsors
    4. Andy Gray
    5. Burnley new boy David Edgar
    7. Elano
    8. Matthaus
    9. Laudrup

  7. 1. Claus Jensen
    2. Germany and England
    3. They are things that are hard to throw at high speed.
    4. Michael Owen
    5. Matthew Etherington
    6. Portsmouth
    7. Orlando Blumer?
    8. Roberto Baggio
    9. Old Ronaldo or Zidane
    10. Brøndby IF

  8. AlanS says:

    1. Chris Powell
    2. Chelsea and Monaco
    3. All sponsored Southampton
    4. Andy Gray
    6. Colchester
    7. Elano
    8. Lothar Matthaus
    9. Zidane

  9. Bishop says:

    1. Chris Powell
    2. Chelsea and Monaco
    3. Southampton sponsors
    4. Andy Gray
    5. David Edgar
    6. Colchester
    7. Elano
    8. Lothar Matthäus
    9. Zidane?
    10. Brøndby IF

  10. Marques says:

    1. Chris Powell
    2. Chelsea vs. Olympiakos
    3. Southampton Sponsors
    4. Andy Gray (if not Stevie G?)
    5. The Canadian David Edgar
    6. Colchester
    7. Elano Blumer
    8. The German, Lothar Matthaus
    9. Laudrup?
    10. Bronby IF

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