Competition! WIN a copy of ‘The Beckham Experiment’

Ollie Irish

28th, July 2009


There’s a prize incentive for Spot the Baller today.
If you answer the following StBs correctly, you could win a copy of ‘The Beckham Experiment’ by Grant Wahl. I’ve read the book already and it’s a fascinating account of Becks’ time in the States (read my review here), expertly written by Sports Illustrated’s senior ‘soccer’ reporter.
To enter, all you need to do is email Pies with your guesses for the following three pictures, all featuring Becks (put something like “Becks comp” in the subject field to ensure I see your entry). Click the images to enlarge:
PA-233979 copy.jpg
1) Which England player is meeting the local police with Beckham?
PA-263747 copy.jpg
2) Who’s celebrating on their knees with Becks?
PA-67100 copy.jpg
3) Who’s posing with a very young David Beckham and a not-so-young Nelson Mandela?
So, as I said above, email me with your three guesses - leaving a comment is fine but you won’t be entered to win the prize. A couple of those are quite tough (the third one very much so), so if you do get all three correct, you stand a VERY good chance of winning the book.
The competition closes next Monday. Regular Spot the Baller will continue daily as normal.
PS. Please note you are only allowed to enter once. If more than one person gets all three right, I will pick a winner simply by drawing lots.