Pro Evo 2010 v FIFA 10: which one will you buy?

Ollie Irish

25th, August 2009


This YouTube vid gives us a rough first look at the relative merits of the new versions of Pro Evolution Soccer (Konami) and FIFA (EA). PES up first, then FIFA’s clips follow…

From all I’ve read and seen, there won’t be much to separate the two this time around. Gamers know that Konami’s high standards – based in previous years almost entirely on playability – had slipped but it seems as if they’ve addressed many of the issues that plagued recent editions of PES (more on that in this post). Pro Evo’s biggest problem was its atrociously laggy online mode, but Konami’s decision to let Sony and Microsoft handle the servers should result in a big improvement.

As usual, FIFA will be more polished and authentic, simply because it owns the official licenses. After all, would you rather play at Old Trafford or Trad Brick Stadium? For playability, FIFA is getting much closer to PES too. FIFA 10 promises 360 dribbling (ie. dribbling in 360 different directions, rather than the standard eight directions of most digital joypads).

I have always been a PES man, but this time I will buy both, just to compare – then I’ll probably end up selling the one I play less. In my heart, I hope it’s FIFA that ends up on eBay.

Which of the two will you buy? Vote below:

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  1. Kipp says:

    Pro Evo till i die

  2. Philando Torres says:

    When I was kid (more shallow, inept at footy games) I liked FIFA, especially the France 98 one which had Chumbawumba on the soundtraack. Then I played the first Pro Evo and never looked back.
    I didn’t even care that I was playing as Merseyside Red at Red Cauldron, with a hat-trick by Michael Oren. Not to generalise, but the lads I know who prefer FIFA are the type who spend £360 on Stone Island shit. Shallow cunts, basically.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pro Evo!!!!!
    Loyal till death. I just hope they’ve improved on it more than last time, cause honestly the last release was probably the first time ever that fifa outdid PES. But hopefully Konami learned from that experience…

  4. Joe says:

    FIFA all the way. I switched about three years ago when the difference in gameplay became so insignificant that I just had to go for the one where I didn’t have to play with the West London Whites. Plus, better soundtrack and the trigger run thing works quite well.

  5. afgeza says:

    So the gameplay is equal now??? So which one will I choose, the fake licenses of Pro Evo, or the real ones in Fifa.
    No choice really FIFA

  6. StevieGistheMan says:

    Fifa for sure

  7. Wally says:

    who gives a toss about licenses?? pro evo is slick, fast, enjoyable. Fifa is slow, clunky, awkward. There is no comparison for those who want to play a fun game of sexy football. For those who buy football games cos you like stats or you like to learn about who plays for who and what colour their shirt is this year, fifa’s for you!

  8. Jack says:

    Who gives a shit about proper names, any1 who picks fifa over pro evo is a moron – there is no comparison – fifa gameplay sucks balls!
    Pro evo is simply the best football game you can get.
    Fifa is for idiots who know nothing about football or gaming!!

  9. Joe says:

    Anyone who can’t write “anyone” without using numbers is a moron. And Fifa IS better.

  10. Casey says:

    Probably FIFA 10, most of my friends will be getting it so I’ll have people to play with on Live. With graphics on both games probably equal, and gameplay probably similar it just comes down to preference.
    If you prefer EA’s game buy it, if you want Konami’s game buy that instead. By saying FIFA sucks balls isn’t going to outright stop people from buying the game let alone stop EA from making it.
    Cut the fanboy-ism and buy what you want.

  11. Jack says:

    Brilliant! you have totally rubbished my argument by being critical of my typing, congratulations! Admittedly, that was a mistake – thank you so much for pointing it out Joe, ANYONE else offended by my totally unforgivable typo (that’s the abbreviated version of typographical error Joe – just in case you were about to have a f*cking stroke) please forgive me – I can only hang my head in shame!
    BTW, your argument as to why Fifa is better included the soundtrack & correct names?…you really are a f*cking idiot, gameplay is what matters & the simple fact is Fifa gameplay is nowhere near as good as Pro Evo – THIS IS WHAT MATTERS U CLOWN!!

  12. Clown says:

    Frankly anyone who abbreviates “you” to “u” disgusts me.

  13. NO U says:

    NO U

  14. Anonymous says:

    i still dont understand how people liked pes 09 to fifa 09 all my mates were pes boys except me so they bought pes we played that for a week and we had literally the shittest football matches ever the amount of glitches in that game, and then everyone got fifa and dude they havent changed thier minds since…cant wait for fifa 10!!! sometimes i think alot of people still like pes coz of peer pressure or they just one of those that r scared to try something new and 10 times better or they just morons!!!

  15. 6l4d3 says:

    i still dont understand how people liked pes 09 to fifa 09 all my mates were pes boys except me so they bought pes we played that for a week and we had literally the shittest football matches ever the amount of glitches in that game, and then everyone got fifa and dude they havent changed thier minds since…cant wait for fifa 10!!! sometimes i think alot of people still like pes coz of peer pressure or they just one of those that r scared to try something new and 10 times better or they just morons!!!

  16. Elio says:

    The improved master league looks fantastic and extends the longevity of the game so it’s Pro Evo for me. I actually enjoy editing the team names and kits.

  17. megaman789 says:

    Everyone knows FIFA is better since 08 came out.
    Before that PES was better but FIFA 08 changed it all

  18. 6l4d3 says:

    fifa has put the most work into the manager mode of fifa 10 this year so this year the manager mode of fifa is gonna be amazing and also the amount of modes in fifa have increased as i said cant wait!!!!

  19. Philando Torres says:

    Master League conquers all!
    On PES5 I took charge of a Liverpool side who went on to win 9 consecutive ML titles and 5 European Cups. And, my talismanic striker was a certain Emile Mpenza who amassed 650 goals over those 9 seasons. An inspired Iniesta, in his late teens/early twenties at the time, proved to be my crative lynchpin. I bought an 18 year old Ryan Babel (before Liverpool did) and employed him as a second striker – a position he excelled in. And I discovered Yeste – one of the most improved players I’ve ever used on any Pro Evo.
    See, experiences like that are what inspire such devotion amongst Pro Evo fans. FIFA’s not a terrible game, it’s just never satisfied me personally.

  20. Old School PES'er says:

    Anyone who says PES is STILL better than FIFA are so deluded its untrue. I played PES religiously since the PS1 days and spent years converting all my FIFA idiot mates to PES. I have now spent a good part of the year converting them to FIFA and all of them that play it agree 100% that FIFA IS now 10000x better than PES in realism and playabliltiy, not even mentioning the licenses which counts for nothing if your a true football fan..
    Im sorry PES fans but our PES days are over.
    Its all about FIFA now.
    The ones who slate FIFA still and claim PES rules have never played FIFA and are scared to try it in case thy realise like me that its now better.
    It took me a while to play it as i was scared of the same. Imn so glad i did now.

  21. Old School PES'er says:

    Anyone who says PES is STILL better than FIFA are so deluded its untrue. I played PES religiously since the PS1 days and spent years converting all my FIFA idiot mates to PES. I have now spent a good part of the year converting them to FIFA and all of them that play it agree 100% that FIFA IS now 10000x better than PES in realism and playabliltiy, not even mentioning the licenses which counts for nothing if your a true football fan..
    Im sorry PES fans but our PES days are over.
    Its all about FIFA now.
    The ones who slate FIFA still and claim PES rules have never played FIFA and are scared to try it in case thy realise like me that its now better.
    It took me a while to play it as i was scared of the same. Imn so glad i did now.

  22. Anonymous says:

    definetely pes. if u didnt see this new video of tactics used in pes2010 – here u r :

  23. Anonymous says:

    PES for me. They both have two completely different gameplay styles. And i have just never got into playing FIFAs. i hate it. so slow and feels awkward and clumsy. At least PES gives you a gameplay style where you can have fun and enjoy what your playing. rather than treatin it as a mission to play. I didnt prefer FIFA 09 to PES 09. Even though i can admit it was probably better, seeming as all of my friends had it. But this year PES has corrects almost EVERYTHING that was wrong with it. It will conquer this year. And i hope it does. Because Konami deserve it.

  24. Bobigol says:

    Fifa`s goalie AI is totally shit!!! PES all the way…people always complain about licenses in PES (The edit mode is so fun, I can find a patch for anything I want…PES 2010 will be my game of choice this year…

  25. Knights of Cydonia says:

    After FIFA 02 i played PES because it was much better but pes 2008 was so bad compared to FIFA 08 and its the same with 2009, and will be in 2010!

  26. fifa cn suck ma balls says:

    pro evo is the best (fact)
    fifa is alright if u whant 2 play wif ur aktually team(fakt)
    overall pro evo wins because you it is more fun u dickheads and editing the players and team are even more fun
    u’ll neva know untill u try asshole

  27. Fredmeister says:

    Pro. I had a dual game tournament recently (2 legs, one of each game), as my mates are about half and half when it comes to preferences, and EVERYONE watched the pro games.
    FIFA i reckon is more realistic in game play, its actually like watchin real footy in the way the players move and play develops. But I prefer the arcadey nature of pro wher you can do all sorts of ridiculous crap.
    I suppose it depends on what you want from a footy game.

  28. toffeblue says:

    I’ve bought both for the last two years, and withuot a doubt FIFA is the better of the two games. I’m not saying PES is a bad game, because I’ve gotten alot of playtime out of it as well, but on a whole, it can’t compete with FIFA.
    I suspect this year will be no different, however, as usual, I will get both.

  29. Anonymous says:

    cn suck ma balls | August 25, 2009 11:09 PM | Reply – dickhead how can u say that wen clearly u havent tried fifa 08 or 09 u chat sooo much shit fafa has more modes better gameplay more realistic pes looks shit the players run lyk robots they look retarted gameplay of pes 08-09 crap its too arcady like and its sooo easy fifa has more fluid gameplay and pes sucks %@*$%!!!!

  30. wllmhll says:

    pro evo on the ps3, and fifa on the xbox.

  31. lmao says:

    pes 09 is like playing pinball soccer lol

  32. Anonymous says:

    FIFA. PES has been crap since 08

  33. pesfan says:

    for me pes win.
    gameplay : no doubt, pes the winner. in fact fifa still have a long way to go to match up with pes
    licenses : fifa the winner but it doesn’t matter to me. between, we can patch pes…
    graphic : pes the winner
    animation: confirmly pes
    overall, pes is the winner…
    between, i’d play pes09 and fifa09. although a lot of people say fifa09 better, for me, pes is still the winner. i didn’t like fifa gameplay at all. fifa09 is an arcade and childish game… and those who prefer fifa over pes is never played football and don’t know what football is…

  34. Leo says:

    How can fifa fans claim things like “fifa has more fluid gameplay” and “FIFA i reckon is more realistic in game play”!?!? It’s a fact that PES is more like real football, well at least if you compare it to fifa.
    The nature of fifa is arcade and the nature of PES is simulator
    P.S. you cant do a dangerous cross from the flank in fifa to save your life

  35. sadiq says:

    FIFA anytime

  36. grow up says:

    people are so vocal and passionate about their gaming choices these days I see.

  37. PesLegend says:

    I’ve played PES since the first one. I always thought it was better than FIFA…. because it was. PES = simulation, FIFA = arcade. But now?? The PES game closest to simulation was PES 5 (2005). Which was the best footie game ever IMO. Still is. But it’s funny how it’s turned around. FIFA is now simulation while PES is ping-pong arcade. FIFA ’09 reminds me of the old PES games. For all you PES fans go back and play PES 5 and notice how much Konami have taken a step backwards. (I’m getting FIFA ’10)

  38. Ala says:

    FIFA for Xbox 360, PES for PC.

  39. davr says:

    fifa reigns supreme in this contest,a truly sublime game in nearly every facate,in comparison to pro evo’s numereous fuck ups!

  40. Mac says:

    i use to play pro evo but now i play the fifa series, simply because it’s more challenging to score….gameplay is also alot more realistic

  41. milky x says:

    I’ve been playing football games from konami since MLS gamenight (really long time ago). I’ve also played fifa through the years and I have come to one conclusion. FIFA always gives you a better presentation (nice menu,commentry,official licenses,correct names) and so on. All the flashy stuff. But when it comes to gameplay (which really matters) Pro evolution is king. Fifa always feels heavy and clunky. I press turbo and it’s like I’m still running in slow motion. One thing I hate about fifa is the fact that you can’t edit a player’s position on the field exactly how you want it. Formation patterns are pre-determined and editing them is very limited. The physics in Pro evo (the way the ball bounces,movement of the players etc) are free flowing and fun. Mind you though, the last two years haven’t been up to standard for pro evo but I’m expecting that to change in 2010. Fifa is good,very good..but pro evo is magic.Love it.

  42. Pingyang says:

    Fucking football fans do. Who the fuck wants to play with wrong stadiums and uniforms. To most football fans a lot of the enjoyment is from the fact that it is realistic as possible. With no uniforms looks cheap and that you are playing an arcade game.

  43. IPT Dang says:

    I would buy fifa if it has Vietnam. Pes 2020, Never Should I buy a game and can play my national team?

  44. PesLegend says:

    Pinguang, it’s only the English leagues in PES that do not have the uniforms and names. But you can edit them so they do. PES has La Liga, Serie A, Eridversie, Ligue 1, Bundesliga etc etc FULLY LICENSED. But 18 unlicensed English clubs. This I can’t get my head around tho.

  45. dthanon says:

    hahaha….uv just nailed it rite there mate..haha

  46. pandora says:

    Sensible World of Soccer on the Amiga 600 is still the best ever footy game…

  47. Ollie 'Gooner' Rodders says:

    It is one of those things that it depends on the person. When I was younger I played PES, the creation options were fantastic, the player movements were accurate and simple, the graphics were true, effective, especially on the psp and all in all it was a simple easy to play and fun football game. But, and you can see the common thread here, PES have failed to compete with Fifa’s ‘flash’ style of gameplay. The fact of the matter is, Playing PES makes you feel like your playing your own team, possibly why most PES fans have played them since they were younger. Fifa really does complete the genre of ‘sports simulation’, you can play as your own club, sign players with realistic stats (not just making cesc fabregas 99/99 on everything because hes your fave player) and in general enjoy a mature, detailed and involving game.

  48. Space10 says:

    I used to play FIFA as a kid, up until FIFA 2002 I thought it was immense. Then I got Pro Evo 2 and never changed back since; I prefer the fast paced play of Pro Evo and find FIFA far too slow. By the looks of it this year the two games will be closer than ever before, Pro Evo slowing down a touch, and FIFA getting a bit quicker. Definitely still going to get Pro Evo rather than FIFA because I know it will still be to my liking.
    Pro Evo has greater player depth (in terms of stats) and the edit mode is legendary. The Master League is a HUGE benefit over FIFA. A mode where single player is actually meaningful and fun.
    On first look at Pro Evo 2010 it looks like it’ll be the most fun yet, and definitely shows improvements in every department. As for FIFA fans you’ve surely got to be hoping the graphics will be better than the previewed video above? Based on that one comparison it looks as if Pro is better (though it could be misleading because FIFA has past reputation of being graphically superior).
    P.S. To Pro converted to FIFA fans, 2010 is based upon principles they laid out in Pro Evo 5 (the simulation one) so this year should be work checking out at least.

  49. Carlos Vela says:

    I just want my ankle to get better soon

  50. anonymous says:

    Enjoyment = pro evo
    Realism = Pro
    Betta game = Prp….fifa’s tooo slow and boring by comparison

  51. LFC_FIFA says:

    Fifa is so much better. Here are the reasons why.
    1) The graphics on fifa 09, compared to pes2009, were much better. Even though this year pes2009 has improved their graphics, fifa10 will still be better. Also, pes only have half decent graphics on the main players like Torres, messi etc. But if you went and looked at a smaller club which is not very well known, the player will look nothing like he should. Whereas on fifa, 90% of the players actually look how they should look.
    2) fifa has TONNES more things to do on it.
    -Be a pro
    -Fifa clubs
    -Proper manager mode- which has been improved drastically for fifa 10
    -practice arena- FUNNN
    -great online play
    – lots more….
    3) fifa 10 will also have alot more special features on it including:
    360 dribbling
    customisable set pieces
    and the only real change to pes10 other than the graphics, is the tactical side of the game, which is just a copy of fifa09’s custom tactics!!
    fifa also has all the proper licenses are proper names….

  52. Anonymous says:

    Also, the gameplay for fifa 10 has been improved alot, and it has been made faster and smoother, and seeing as Pes fans always say ” fifa is to slow”, and ” its clunky”, they should have nothing to complain about now.
    And on pro evo 10, the gameplay has been kept almost the same as it was on 09….

  53. Anonymous says:

    The purpose of playing computer games is for pure entertainment, and for me personally pro evo just edges past fifa based on that fact!

  54. Dave says:

    Hi All,
    Very interesting to read everyone’s comments. I’ve always been a pes fan however was very disappointed with pes 2009. After playing Fifa 09 there is still a fundamental difference, especially when playing against mates.
    This is the “when my team’s scored my opponent gets better” factor. You go 1-0, then your mate’s play gets better, passes start sticking etc……
    This means a far better, more realistic match, 1-1 with 5 mins on the clock.
    I didn’t get this with Fifa 09. It’s very good; however you get bored with 6-0 wins. My mate & I (both pes players) were having 9-9 games…..not realistic.
    I’ve just played the Fifa 10 demo on ps3 and was quite impressed….felt very pes5 to be honest
    I’m probably going to be sticking with pes this year…..just hope it’s as addictive as pes 5

  55. killie till i die says:

    i used to be a huge pro fan until 08 when i turned to fifa. fifa 08 wasnt fantastic but you could see the potential, then euro 08 came out and i thought yep were getting real close here, passing was so much better, then 09 came out, 565 online games later and its wow again! superb. after playing the 2010 demo im amazed, so much better than 09, plays like a dream, the way you can build up attacks, the little tricks and flicks etc, brilliant. pro evo as much as i hate saying this is dead and buried, fifa for now is running away with it!

  56. magic_mo says:

    Pro Evo all the way if you want a realistic game, FIFA is to stiff and akward for me sorry!

  57. barca man says:

    pes is for freshers the advanced people in life play FIFA c’as is the Best amoung the rest so PES fans get advanced.FIFA WE ARE MOVING FORWARD

  58. Rab Nebula says:

    Why are people moaning about how pro doesnt have the proper kits and names? Didnt anybody watch the video? It said Liverpool Vs Barcelona. The kits had all the details and sponsors and all the players names are correct! Fifa has a new 360 degree player control which makes the dribbling and passing quicker and more fluid.
    Pro has taken the route of player pressure on the ball and angles into account for its shooting and the passing. Its player animations are more fluid than ever before making them more responsive.
    Pro is much more a tactical played game where Fifa is more down so quick thinking and instinct. They are both great games this year in their own rights.

  59. .... says:

    People think is all about the graphics… here is an example: Counter-Strike is not a good graphic game isit? But how many people play it MILLIONS… so take my advice dont choose a game because of its graphic choose a game if its fun for you and you like the gameplay and also I AM A PES FAN :D I just dont like FIFA and I have played it didnt like it but I liked the licensed teams… and I will never become a FIFA FAN EVER!

  60. Annoymous says:

    People think is all about the graphics… here is an example: Counter-Strike is not a good graphic game isit? But how many people play it MILLIONS… so take my advice dont choose a game because of its graphic choose a game if its fun for you and you like the gameplay and also I AM A PES FAN :D I just dont like FIFA and I have played it didnt like it but I liked the licensed teams… and I will never become a FIFA FAN EVER!

  61. Annoymous says:

    People think is all about the graphics… here is an example: Counter-Strike is not a good graphic game isit? But how many people play it MILLIONS… so take my advice dont choose a game because of its graphic choose a game if its fun for you and you like the gameplay and also I AM A PES FAN :D I just dont like FIFA and I have played it didnt like it but I liked the licensed teams… and I will never become a FIFA FAN EVER! But I have to admit FIFA is a good game its not glitchy as PES but I still prefer PES this year Konami are back on TRACK!

  62. A.J says:

    I used to buy fifa from 99 to 07 on different consoles (skippin a few)but pes 5 and 6 persuaded me to join konami but when i was soo excited about pes 08 i was equally so dissapointed and the same dissapointed eluded me for the 2009 version of pro. Now i feel a change is due and playin the fifa 2010 demo might have just persuaded me to go back to the old days and buy fifa again !!!

  63. Subash says:

    fuck u all fifa PES IAM JUNGALE FUCK

  64. wont buy fifa at all, they are messed up so much for PC that their latest installment is rubbish than the previos one, and yeah i played the demo for PES2010 and looks quite fun to be honest…..So Pes 2010 for me

  65. Curtis says:

    Never leant towards either until now. I sort of just got whatever was cheaper at the time, but having played both demos… I found it easy to choose, and that choice was FIFA.

  66. DR says:

    It is PES. For all the bells and whistles of Fifa, for all the authentic kits and stadia, for all the teams and commentary, when it comes down to it – ON THE PITCH – Pes is King. For utehentic player runs and strategy, for Messi’s acceleration and Fabregas’s passing, Konami have nailed it – again. I have the FIFA 10 full game and the Pes Demo, and belive the Pes demo is more rewarding. somehow.

  67. Rm da don says:

    I think both will be good because i like both. both have + and – Pes 2010 is good this year particullary graphics
    Master League has some derastic changes such champions league, real currecy, youth system , you can skip matches proper scouting, etc……
    and dont no much about the rest of the game

    fifa10 dont no much about it

  68. chitoamericano says:

    growing up I played Fifa since it was on SNES i was stuck to it all the way to its PS2 years until I played Pro Evo 6. After that I felt I had been cheated for many years playing Fifa and i remember thinking where had pro evo been all my life. I have stuck to Pro Evolution ever since then because of the game play and actual movement likeness of the game which is closest to actual real life football. Even though Fifa kept on coming up with nice graphical games and many different game experiences it never matched up to the speed and sharpness of crisp game-play as Pro Evo. This year I decided not to single out Fifa just because my past experiences with it, so I tried out both demos. Putting my mind in neutral and withholding my judgements I simply couldn’t get over the fact the Fifa’s Graphics SUUUUUUUCk! And I have a top notch gaming machine and Fifa’s uniforms look like cartoon paintings what the heck is that. The kits stretch like elastic gum and the gameplay is choppy. I honestly tried to like it but it wasn’t possible. Pro Evo stepped up the Graphics but I wish they could pass the ball a little quicker, like maybe if they felt pressure they could give rushed passes or take rushed shots by pressing an extra button with the pass or shoot button. I understand that they made the player pass the ball more natural but it cuts back the speed and Smoothness Pro Evo used to display. Overall Pro Evo still has the more dominant gameplay likeness of real Football. Thankfully we the customers are the benificiaries of this rivalry between EA and Konami it makes them step up the gaming experience, maybe if they wouldn’t have this fued we would only have the opportunity to choose from 1 dominant but sorry game title.

  69. Michael says:

    I just got FIFA, having been a PES man my whole life.

    For anyone who wants an opinion from someone who isn’t 15, a “PES FAN FOREVER” or “FIFA FAN FOREVER”, and just wants to facts, here it is.

    FIFA 10 is great. It’s superb actually. The passing, the body movement, everything is just so REAL. Plus, the ideas in FIFA simply blow PES out of the water in every way. All their modes are better than PES’s: Be a Manager, Virtual Pro, Virtual Pro 2.0? Where you can form an actual TEAM of 11 and vs other people? The guys at EA Sports are ridiculously creative.

    However, if you want to play a game that is fun, addictive and great at a party, it has got to be PES. In FIFA your jaw drops at the fluidity of a game, yet it misses the point. Football games should be fun. Tricks, and doing “skill moves” should not be the principle gameplay mechanic in the game. PES is just simply more fun. You can feint and it actually effects the opposing player. The players move smoothly.

    The point is: FIFA is real, its probably the most realistic football game I have ever played.

    But if you just want to play for fun, it is definitely PES.

  70. Farshad says:

    Just PES 2010. Fifa is just good in dribling and doesnt have any thing special.

  71. Kingman says:

    PRO is dead. I say this as I used to be an avid Pro fan but 09 died and the pro10 sucked just as much there’s no joy in it. Fifa is by far the more advanced game, lets forget all the kits names stadiums. Pro has lost its playability and thats what had me on it for 8 hours plus in the past. Fifa had been promising something great for yrs and it was rubbish. Now it has finally come of age its time you converted and forced konami to sort it out. Or you’ll keep getting pants remakes with a few more kits and names and copied features from Fifa.

    Fifa 10 9.5/10

  72. Kingman says:

    so basically what im saying is Pro is a game and Fifa is a Simulation.

    Like comparing Gran Turismo to Juiced

  73. Mac says:

    Fifa all the way.PES was the game to get in the past but it’s now fallen off the radar faster than Setanta in terms of game play and realism. Fifa is in no way the complete article but close. free kicks are given away far too easily, keeper is easily beat with a simple chip and the commentators commentate on something that has not yet even happened makes for quite a frustrating gaming experience at times but nonetheless it’s still a good ol’bit of fun amongst friends.

  74. lee murphy says:

    having bought Pro Evo for the past decade…i decided i would trade in some games in at GAME and get Fifa 10 for a bargain amount of £6.79 anyway i thought people are raving about this and was quite excited.But then i played the game!

    Graphics are shocking most of the players on there look absolutley nothing like them..the gameplay is awful you cant save replays and for gods sake you cant even play a World Cup!!!

    ive now played PRO 10 demo and it is light years ahead of Fifa ok yeh most things are licensed but jesus Fifa is a real let down!

  75. oller says:

    Couldn’t agree more. The deterioration of the once great PES series has been like watching an old friend slip into a coma.

    It’s funny how this genre divides gamers so fiercely. PES let down has been the online, which was implemented sooo badly. You had to go through about 10 screens, accept a small print everytime, then pick a server, it was a farce.

    I still think if you’re handy at PES you’re good at FIFA, but that doesn’t work the other way around. On this logic, PES is a better game :)

  76. bcfc 84 says:

    Pro Evo is 4 real football peaople who know about football and can actually play it fifa is a game 4 little kids who just like doing tricks and looking at good graphics

  77. bcfc 84 says:

    in fifa u just score similar goals over and over but in pro evo every game is different thats what makes it so much better

  78. lee murphy says:

    i agree with bcfc 84…Pro Evo 4 was an absolute break through and personnal favourite of mine that game had it all!

  79. Jaz says:

    ive been pro through and through for 7 years, and ive defended it to the hilt and i have hammered fifa, even though i havent played it for 7 years, but guys seriously……..fifa has made the breakthrough and overtaken pro.
    ive run out of patience with pro not “evolving” for the past 3 years lol
    fifa is definately the more realistic
    if you want a game, then choose pro, but if you want a true football simulation, then you must choose fifa all day.
    it hurts to say it, but pro is finished!!

  80. Jaz says:

    i meant an outdated game…then choose pro

  81. T. Peterson says:

    Right, If you really want all the kits and stadia etc you can download updated edit files which have been completely revamped down to the boots. My copy of pro 9 is flawless and benefits from being updated every so often with transfers. The gameplay admittedly is the same as pro has ever been but since when has fifa even been close. My 4 year old sister can pick up a pad and score on fifa. Ridiculous! There is absolutely no comparison. Get real people. Its a pro evo ting!!

  82. colin goodman says:

    Pro Evo is a Real game!

    Fifa is for 10 year olds

  83. Mark Joy says:

    Pro Evloution Soccer, is harder and requires skill,. fifa i just hit the pass button then shoot … guess what… I score

    Pro Evoloution 10
    Fifa 0

  84. Joey Boss says:

    Fifa kicks off… Gives the ball away… Pro evo picks up… runs 30 yards, with out being remotely tackled! and scores. Pro Evo wins every time

  85. ProEvoMan 87 says:

    I used to play pro, till pes 7. I started playing fifa at 08, which was awful, 09 was very good, still no pes 6 though. But fifa 10 has blown me away, it feels so fluid and realistic, the new pes feels awkward and stiff, like an old fifa game, remember the horrors of playing fifa at your mates house lol. Seabass needs to fix it and fast, anyone who stands up for pes now is just delaying the process, teel him it needs fixed, not feed his delusions of supeiority.

  86. lee murphy says:

    having played a copy of PES 2010 it is without a doubt the best footabll game i have ever played!

  87. Chris Mac says:

    I have had the old fifa’s and I had International superstar soccer deluxe on the mega drive! It then changed to ISS Pro and so on etc etc.. I had fifa till 2004 and the pro’s but then just played pro more and last year all my mates who were pro fans turned to fifa and I played it and just found it alot harder han pro and vowed never to get it but after this years demo’s I found pro was much worse than before and was so disappointed and after much practice on fifa I am quite good now i reckon and I just think alot of pro fans are just loyal and frustrated cos fifa is a hard game at first whereas pro has a certain type of gameplay… time to bite the bullet and admit fifa is back ! greatest game of all time has to be fifa 98!

  88. Matt says:

    Its funny how fifa and pes are looking more similar year after year….

  89. lee murphy says:

    fifa 10 looks like a ps2 game the graphics are shit!

    the annual fifa vs pro debate by the magazines and papers have raved at pro and slagged fifa.

    fifa has kicked ass for the past 2 years but this year pro is back!

    put that in pipe and smoke it fifa!

  90. d3mon says:

    The funny part is how FIFA copied the good things from PES/WE and then FIFA was better, now PES is trying to copy FIFA and PES 10 plays like FIFA 09, don’t get me wrong PES fans i have been playing Konami soccer games since International Superstar Soccer on the SNES (maybe most of you were wearing diapers at that time)and from them on to N64, PSone, PS2 and on PC PES WAS ALWAYS THE BETTER GAME ALWAYS, FIFA could have the licenses but PES will kick FIFA’s butt as a game anytime… sadly FIFA 08 changed my mind and now i am a convert, even when i hate EA i can deny that FIFA is now a better game. i suggest to all PES fans to give FIFA with an open mind you will be surprised

  91. LoveTruncheon88 says:

    I bought both games again this year, as I have done for the past 3 years – I play both with an open mind but always end up prefering Pro Evo. It really comes down to what annoys you, there are a lot of things that CAN annoy you on Pro (there always are, eg Kits, lack of stadiums, Leagues etc) but the gameplay is always good enough (for me)to gloss over those slight annoyances. In Fifa, lots of stuff annoy me – The names and numbers on shirts; they dont match and are massive (or like in FIFA 09, too small), the wax-work graphics of the players, the sluggish-style gameplay, the over-rated shit-heap graphics on the stadiums, the fact that after 16 years of games you still cant cross!(something that Pro has delivered well since pro 5), The way the players head the ball like salmon leaping from a river! (Fifa players dont move like real players). There have been loads of changes to Pro 2010 gameplay, which has appeared to have put some people off – it isnt as arcade-like, it is a bit harder. HOWEVER I really feel that Pro is SPOT ON this time around with gamepley, and graphics are great too – FIFA is a good in its own way, and I do loathe it a lot less that I did last time, but Pro still has my vote for this year.

  92. bad mo fo says:

    had fifa 10 for a week, its shocking. the attacking is retarded, there is no way of beating defenders with the ball at your feet, even with the best attackers like ronaldo and messi. fifa 09 was soooooooo much better. im trading in for pro ev 2010 this week. i advise all who havent bought either game yet to defo avoid fifa.

  93. pesfolife says:

    personally i think that pes is better for playing on the pc as some of today’s consoles cn’t support the same grafiks, butfifa definately foor other consoles

  94. […] MORE Pro Evo 2010 v FIFA 10: which one will you buy? […]

  95. Anonymous says:

    fuck suck dick son of a bitch cock fucker dick licker

  96. Anonymous says:

    suck dick fuck U FIFA

  97. Pro evo is the closest thing you will get to playing football without getting my opinion take all the officialness and air of smug that fifa users seems to have i can honestly say pro evo from years back are better than the new fifa…………….. FACT!!! all you fifa crazed idiots will just have to admit it or be put away somewhere in an isolated cell

  98. BEN DOVER says:


  99. schumiii says:

    Fifa is not good.To slow.

  100. DDQ says:

    people dont get it do they, a slower game speed is a better game speed, so much more like the real game itself, you can actually play good patient possesion football and get satisfaction out of it

  101. king says:

    fifa is king pro ev run about like stickmen gameplay is bettin fifa alltogether although pro ev upclose graphics are wicked

  102. marcusj says:

    all about realism…all about Pro Evo, I own both, just to make sure I dont miss out on something, but Pro Evo is streets ahead in realism…Building play and tactics are what football is about, the new additions to PES2010 player profiles and game plans blow Fifa back 3 years…

  103. Maurice says:

    I think fifa’s gameplay is awesome. dont like the commentary reaction and crowd reaction when players score, almost non existent ( and thats the most exiting part of a game) Pro- evo graphics and player likeness is amazing. Ive got both games and am still unsure which one too keep. If only fifa had pro evo’s graphics, of if pro evo had fifa’s gameplay, thats would make my decision easier.

  104. Oli says:

    Pro Evo 10 started off fun, then got a bit frustrating and now I’m just plain sickened at Konami’s waste of a world class game engine. And I’m still on pure gameplay, not even begun to think about the position system (how come if I want to sub a WF or WB into a SMF position, or a CMF into a AMF or DMF… I have to spend a bunch of time going through the damn position edit just to swap the roles of a player in exactly the same position?!).

    Nah nevermind all that, the gameplay’s degraded to the point where I might even sell out and get old sickotricko FIFA. Giving up football for kiddy cartoons? Now that IS desparate.

  105. walrus says:

    I purchased both of these great game and i must say that pro evo10 is doing it for me at the min. Like a lavish lady popping her hand down my trousers i get real excitement from playing the master league. The only gripe is it is a slight bit fast and sometimes ( at key moments) the game reverts to clumsy mode, but none of this takes away from the feel of the game. Fifa for me is a great game to just pick up and play with friend ..but play for any length of time and it gets a bit samey and quite boring i must add.

  106. Lucas says:

    isn’t possible to edit uniforms on FIFA 10?

  107. max says:

    I can’t watch that video i mean what is it with the irritating music.
    Konami need to get rid of that prat ‘seabass’ as it was that twit that dicided to go down the arcade route. If I was konami I would take the game right back to it’s routs when it was quite simply BRILIANT but until people stop buying these shit ‘seabass’ games Konami are not going to get the message. I would sack the whole team and get people in with real vision plus a few westeners for this market.

  108. Ben says:

    Love the simplicity of Fifa online playing friends.. Can’t work out how to play a friend on Pes10 Konami don’t make it easy???

  109. noblinho says:

    seriously, been playing pro evo for ever and have to say the latest effort frustrates me to the hilt. why do the players make so many stupid mistakes? why is it in the last pro i battered all my mates but in this one all my powers have been evaporated into nothing. even my mated who were crap are giving me a game and beating me sometimes…it makes me sick…i want to be the undisputed champ again. oh well, just wait till nxt years effort.

  110. Arrgento says:

    FIFA 2010 is rubbish, I’ve given it a go this year thinking that the gameplay has come so far as get within a sniff of pro evo but i was wrong. So much so that I almost put a controller thru a wall how irritating it was. I call it bumper car football. To take the ball off a player all you have to do is run into them… no skill whatsoever needed.

    It takes multiple buttons to be able to a dribble, and all you have to do is pick a team with pace and no matter how garbage a player you are you just counter attack quickly and next thing you know you’re one on one with the keeper. The defences play up at the half way line no matter what you change in the tactics. Thats just ridiculous when the ball is being contested at the half way line.

    What team plays a flat defence with the last man less than 5 metres from a midfield contest. Who said there was realism in Fifa 10.

    Pro Evo will always be number 1. Fifa can keep its finesse button and boomerang crosses and its licenses. Fifa 10 officially in the bin.

  111. louia robles says:

    i own both but pes2010 is 100 times more realistic and better than fifa

  112. Rodrigo says:

    Fifa 10 is absolute garbage. The crossing is pathetic, the shooting is awful everything is just ridiculous. I was looking forward to the under armor in the winter, but when you edit the player all they wear in winter is a pair of gloves, Now thats just rubbish!. Pro Evo is way better, better graphics, better passing, better shooting. Fifa has really gone down the drain and I want my $50 back from EA making me buy this crap game. I hope EA go bankrupt and save us from their shit games. Pro all the way!!

  113. rooney says:

    i own both the games pes 10 and fifa 10 i was so much exicited that this time the fifa will gain better but i have wasted my moneyfifa is worstpes is 1000 time sbetter than fifa maximum 32 dribblings are possible &tricks also i have wasted my money i wantmy 20$back

  114. Anonymous says:

    fifa is a compete waste of money, its too samey after youve played a couple of games, same boring pathetic passes, same boringley limp crosses wich go nowere near were you want them too and the manager mode is completely pointless, also the only difference between the good and bad players is the good ones can do triks with the analog stik, and you cant even tell who is a good player cos the stats are soo porley presented. pro eveo is a god in comarison to fifa, smooth graphics and gameplay, a brilliant edit system and the players stats are clear and simple to read and understand. im takin fifa back to tade in while i still can, and ollie, f.y.i 360 dribbling dosent mean you can dribble in 360 different directions, try it if you dont believe me, its just what they named the action for the trick stick.

  115. Anonymous says:

    pro evo 6 ftw !

  116. schembri says:

    fifa rules pro

  117. sparkes999 says:

    previous years pro evo has been ahead. but these generation of games fifa 10 is streets ahead of pro evo.

  118. theoneme says:

    own both but fifa owns pes ppl run like retards and its not real how fast the gameplay is not realistic at alll dsf

  119. well i havent seen fifa 2010, but just as the world suspects every muslim is a terrorist so i will conclude that every fifa is gabbage.finally i will say pro is still the trail brazer.

  120. Anonymous says:

    a think fifas gameplay has improved alot from recent years, i have got board of it after two days of playing it like every other fifa havnt bought pro evo yet but mite have to purchase sooner rather than l8a

  121. Sam says:

    I only have fifa but i’m thinking about getting pro evo. fifa is just another poor excuse of a game from another lazy performance from ea sports. churning out average games for more money

  122. Joey Haga says:

    aw great game fellas :D ;)

  123. Love U Pes says:

    he he he fifa ??????…it’s a funny game…only for childrens…r u a child??????? ha ha ha….pes is for real football lovers…

  124. nuttsy says:

    Fifa is rubbish. It is for people who can not play a game of football that is a challenge which is what Pro evo is. I think that EA needs to make fifa more of a challenge because the keepers are crap as you can keep on scoring the same goal again and again.

  125. pee wee says:

    I think the same as nuttsy fifa is shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pro Evo all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. david says:


  127. Anonymous says:

    pes just lags nuff said

  128. isaac says:

    add to my pay

  129. Kevin says:

    I bought both with an open mind. After 1 play on each there was onlt going to be one winner. Pro Evo’s better graphics and far superior gameplay wins hands down. Fifa is like a chils game and anybody could play it so therefore no skill involved.

  130. Anonymous says:

    Guys iv’e played pro along time but pro 10 sucks big time. The refs almost never give penalty kicks and never play out THE advantage. U can always kickdown players that are not close to THE ball without getting booked. And THE commentary always saus the same boring crap. I hope pro 11 wil be normal Again.

  131. Shawn says:

    Pro evo is played at a 100mph, there is no power gauge for passing, through balls are awful, when you press pass it happens about 2 seconds late, even stuff like the keepers doesnt have a power gauge when you throw the ball out.
    Fifa is technically streets ahead and more realistic and ultimately more fun. You can keep possesion in fifa, play balls over the top, you acctually have to have the wright player on fifa to shoot outside the box rather than pro evo which is more suited to be played in a arcade for 50p a play.

    Fifa online is superb also!. i find it amazing how somebody can prefer pro evo over fifa, and yes, i have played both. Its the people who havent played both who give the worst opinions

  132. Tommy says:

    I don’t understand how I went from winning 99% of games in Fifa09 to winning 60% in Fifa10. I can only conclude the tactics are all messed up. I didn’t buy PES10 simply because last years was a disaster. I am happy with the gameplay in FIFA10 but I think it has become too tactical, where people make their own tactics and it is impossible to play against.

  133. John Doe says:

    Fifa 2010 is defintely for kids. The online experience is simply horrible. If you win 5 consecutives matches or more, a defeat will soon arrive simply because your players will not respond to your controller and all due to a series of ingenuous plays controlled by the CPU.

    Once in a while you get defeted by 5 x 0 scores (weird scores), even if you are on level 20 or above playing a five year old, just because the CPU will adjust the handicap and force all your players to: leave tons of gaps, give away passes, miss open goals, let the ball in between the defender’s legs during crucial plays, and tons of other weird things. Also on top of all you can miss at least 20 shots on target, while your opponent will simply press the shooting button and the CPU will handle the rest.

    I think that EA does it on purpose, it’s a marketing strategy, “no one wins it all, by all means”, that way if a newcomer purchases the game just by curiosity, the chances to win a few matches with the CPU’s help are increased, therfore the satisfaction is guaranteed. The player will always come back for the newer version, otherwise he/she would loose interest in the game.

    Great graphics, but the rest is garbage.

    PES 2010.

  134. Tom says:

    I always use to buy pes until that went down hill by about pes 6. Bin buyin fifa up till 2010 an all i can say is that its gradually got worse and worse. fifa 08 was the best, the game was slower and a lot more realistic. I must say though fifa 10 is the bigges pile of shite ive played. Its no longer a case of knowing the game of footbal tacticly, its now a matter of how many different seemlesly easy tricks you can perform, how many 1 – 2’s you can do, its how many times you can make a tacke only to find the the attacker has magicly bounced his way through, Its watching the ball bounce back and forth like a game of tennis. Ive played this game on line a fair bit and i can tell you that you will convincingly beat some1 play them again and loose. There is far to much luck involved and know way of knowing if your any good at it.

  135. Liam says:

    fifa is too good for pes.

  136. Dennis says:

    The truth? The truth is this … if you are a true gamer and that’s all it’s about for you, the most likely you’ll probably be a PES fan;
    but if, like me, you are a purist football fan playing the game for enjoyment at stadiums like the real thing and you’re in luv with the tactical aspect of the game both in real life and therefore on the game, then I honestly cannot fathom how you can favour PES over FIFA.
    They don’t call it “the beautiful game” for nothing and one of PES’ biggest problems in my humble opinion is the game speed and physical field size; it is simply too fast and the guys run around on the field like they’ve all swallowed batteries and they can turn on a dime – like they are wearing dancing shoes! Also you can run from out of screen and tackle a guy before he even has time to react! Come on guys, on the real stage this is far from realistic. And just some clarity on something; when you play the game albeit PES or FIFA, you are the player and manager and tactics are what wins games – on the real stage …

  137. Jose Martinez says:

    I’ve played both Fifa 12 and Pro 12 in the past three days. I bought Pro. Fifa is so easy its pathetic, its the kids version of football games. Everything looks like TV fair play but the game play is so 1980’s in the arcade still pro’s gameplay shoots it down every year.

  138. I think PES is way better than FIFA look at the graphics of FIFA ompared to PES.PESis simpley the best game alive on the plant am always a PES fan and will be forever Fuck fifa and its shit gameplay:)

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