Football GIFs: Tiny Spanish Sprogs Invade Pitch After Euro 2012 Final

By Chris Wright

In which Fernando Torres struggles to keep pace with his wee sprog, Nora, as the goalmouth is suddenly invaded by hordes of tiny frenetic little Spanish people who were up way past their bedtimes following the Euro 2012 final…

More of the über cute Spanish nippers…

And before we all go getting diabetes from all this saccharine, here’s a little of what was going on up the other end of the field to redress the balance…

Into each life, a little rain must fall.

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  1. LiamB Jr says:

    Those kids are the future of the Spanish national football team. Just warms the cockles of your heart doesn’t it? =)

  2. Australien says:

    I was feeling quite jolly this morning, especially for a Monday, until that Pirlo gif. Cheers. :(

  3. hug me says:

    Santi Carzola’s kid is just outrageously adorable. There should be a GIF of the run he was doing, like a baby penguin it was.

  4. Saladinho says:

    That Pirlo gif is horrible :(

  5. Gabe says:

    That Pirlo gif broke my heart in a million pieces.

  6. dbm says:


  7. garza says:

    God, the look on Pirlo’s face … you could stab me with it. Then I remember Bonucci crying, and crying, and crying some more. But then it was his end of the team that let all those goals through so yes, I suppose he should be crying all the way home.

  8. Joe says:

    Anyone else think that having the kids on the pitch cheapened the tournament? It’s not a fucking play ground, this was the EURO cup final. Players work/wait their whole career for this, and now that Spain has won it twice they just mess about with their families like it’s a day at the park. International trophies that are only contested every four years should be for the players only on the night their won. It just seemed to take the Euros down to a league title. I can’t imagine that England, Italy, or any other team would have done that.

  9. Inno says:


    Pirlo is going to stare into your bedroom window every day for a year now.

  10. KingKenneth says:


    Cheer up man !!!

  11. El Tremendo says:


    It was a day at the park.

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