World Cup Horror Hair: Argentinian Referee Nestor Pitana’s Abysmally Weedy Comb-Over

Chris Wright

23rd, June 2014


By Chris Wright

Ladies and Gentlemen, the first (but surely not the last) Horror Hair inductee of the World Cup: Nestor Pitana, the Argentinian referee who’s comb-over harks back to a simpler time; when the world was black and white and it was perfectly acceptable for balding men to have their pates look like something that was found smouldering in the rubble after an explosion at a taxidermists…

Brazil Soccer WCup US Portugal


Yeesh. Patina really should take a leaf out of Italy midfielder Gabriel Paletta’s book and just shav…oh.


Blimey O’Reilly. We need two BICs, stat!

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  1. Gary Medel says:

    Ashkan Dejagah

  2. the69ersfc says:

    That Argentinian ref is only 39 yrs old as well I’m sure I heard a commentator say.
    Whilst we’re on the subject of hair, Raul Mireles defo looks like he’s had a weave. He’s got a full blooded thicked out mohican but the last time I saw him it was nowhere near as full bodied as that, it had wispy bits flapping all over the place & it was clear he only grew the mohawk to detract from his baldness (didn’t work).
    Also…Ronaldos hair was all over the place in the game against Germany. Normally he has it gelled to solidity but the other day it actually turned into mini-curtains. A clear indication that Ronny isn’t really fully fit or bothered too much about the WC.

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