Horror Hair: Pepe Debuts Stunningly Atrocious New Dreadlocks (Photo)

Chris Wright

25th, July 2014


By Chris Wright

Just when we were kind of getting used to the atrociousness of his loose, wet, Mark Crossley-esque bubble perm look, Pepe has gone and done this to himself…


The guy from the Counting Crows called, wants his hideous matted rat’s nest of a hairstyle back.

Word to the wise, Pepe: dreads don’t suit everybody…



(Photo: official_pepe/Instagram)

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  1. streetfighta says:

    The dreads are probably rock hard to help him maim strikers.

  2. Horst Steffen says:

    what’s his left hand doing?

  3. Captain Fantastic says:

    He looks like someone electrocuted him.

  4. raskolnikov says:

    All this time Pepe has been a free-spirited, free-loving hippie. All the violence on the pitch — the stomps, head-butts, red cards for excessive force — all of that is his way of saying, “hey man, I love you.” Physical touch is his love language.

  5. Jimjam says:

    If Pepe actually considers himself a ‘easy-going’, ‘laid-back’, hippie then it all really makes sense to me… As all the self anointed ‘hippies’ I know are prone to passive aggressive paroxysms of physical and verbal violence. With that said he also reminds me of ‘Crazy Eyes’ off of Orange is the New Black with his hairdo and intensity.

  6. Jarren says:

    @streetfighta: HAHA, ZING!

    @Horst Steffen: LOL, DOUBLE ZING!

    @Captain Fantastic: INDEED, TRIPLE ZING!

    @Jimjam: Oh. Ok.

  7. Jimjam says:

    @ Jarren: Oh. Ok.

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