Chairman Of Turkish Club Genclerbiligi Vows To Fine Any Player Caught Growing A Beard

Chris Wright

17th, November 2014


By Chris Wright

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Something tells us Arda Turan will not be joining Genclerbirligi any time soon

The chairman of Turkish side Genclerbirligi has vowed to rid his club of the current hipster beard scourge sweeping the globe by slapping any player caught sprouting excess facial hair with an on-the-spot fine.

Genclerbirligi chairman Ilhan Cavcav has grown tired of the current trend for Kodiak mountain man-style beards among his squad and as such has declared that any player who contravenes his new law will be stung for L25,000 (around £7,150).

Apparently citing Besiktas manager Slaven Bilic, Besiktas midfielder Olcay Sahan, Fenerbahce ‘keeper Volkan Demirel and Galatasaray midfielder Selcuk Inan as “bad influences”, Cavcav is determined to bring an end to the age of the beard.

“I am 80-years-old, and I shave every single day. Man, is this an imam-hatip school? Cavcav ranted to the Dogan news agency.

You are a sportsman. You should be a (role) model for the youth.”

For the record, fans of slight hypocrisy may be interested to know that Cavcav himself sports a gentlemanly moustache.

Ilhan Cavcav

Not content with simply ensuring Genclerbirligi as a club are a clean-shaven bunch, Cavcav has also (unsuccessfully) petitioned the chairman of the Turkish Football Federation, Yildirim Demiroren, to issue a nationwide ban on beards.

“He [Demiroren] told me that they could not impose such a restriction because UEFA would not let them do it,” Cavcav moaned.

“I am fed up with this UEFA. I wish we had some other place to play our football.”

We can’t help but wonder what he’s really angry about.

(Via The Guardian)

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  1. someone is drunk or senile says:

    clearly this is what everyone should be concerned with in football, sports and even the world in general. not corruption but beards, that’s the main issue. we got to thank this clearly not senile old man for pointing this out. sigh…

  2. London Broncos Rugby League Fan says:

    This man is jealous that he is not allowed to grow a beard. I love that it is fashion now. Shaving is such a laborious and boring task to be clean shaven. Long may the beard continue, and I implore ALL other Turkish teams playing this team to grow their beard just before they play this team.

  3. Maria says:

    “I am fed up with this UEFA. I wish we had some other place to play our football”

    Given that geographically only 3% of Turkey is in Europe there is a strong argument for Turkey to be in AFC rather than UEFA!

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