Horror Hair: Genoa Striker Goran Pandev Reveals Bald Spot Shaped Like Gentleman’s Dangly Bits (Photo)

Chris Wright

11th, September 2017

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As far back as we care to recall, Goran Pandev has never boasted much in the way of generous pate coverage, even during his sprightly mid-20s.

Now aged 34, the full horror of the Genoa striker’s follicular recession was laid bare – quite literally – during Sunday’s Serie A tie against Udinese.

When the Macedonian forward was subbed off in the latter stages of the first half, television cameras captured what can only be described as the cock-and-ball-shaped scalp lagoon that now languishes atop his bonce…

Photo: @CB_Ignoranza/Twitter

How… unfortunate.

Goran, mate, it’s time to get the clippers out.

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1 Comment

  1. Chris Akabusi says:

    What a complete knob head

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