Horror Hair: Alan Hansen’s beard


4th, September 2007


beard5.jpg Call this a little fluff piece, but has everyone seen Alan Hansen’s foray into facial hair on last weekend’s Match of the Day?
At first we mistook it for an early sign of a mid-life crisis but apparently the straight-talking pundit had an accident with a candle that left a mark – so he’s decided to cover it up with another accident!
We couldn’t find any pictures of football’s latest fashion disaster – but let us know if you’ve come across any

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  1. Sam says:

    Its a sure sign that Hansen spends his saturday outside Curry’s watching final score with a can of Tennants super and a small dog on a string. He must need help.

  2. Kipp says:

    Yea those candle burns were funny, but doesnt he notice the gigantic scar on his forehead…
    lightning shaped….

  3. oller says:

    i quite liked the beard. a distinguished look.

  4. mof gimmers says:

    I’m with Oller on this.
    I think it makes him look distinguished… in a seventies villain kind of way.
    Mof Gimmers
    [Pies Inside Right]

  5. Chringle says:

    Hansen should be the next Bond, but with Lawrensons voice dubbed over his.