Horror hair: Melanie Behringer’s slightly ginger mullet

Ollie Irish

10th, September 2007


Just because you’re a talented female footballer, and the Women’s World Cup is currently rocking China, doesn’t mean you escape the clutches of Who Ate All The Pies Horror Hair shaming.
Look at the state of the mullet of Germany star Melanie Behringer. At a guess we’d rate it at 15% ginger, but all of it is ill advised. Could this be the worst hair cut in female football? Let us know if you’ve seen a bigger shocker…

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  1. Dom says:


  2. Lee Coan says:

    Aw Dom, you’re gonna make me cry. I take it back! I can’t handle this booing! I’m sorry David Bentley, I’m sorry Dom, I’m sorry everyone…
    I’m going to boo myself

  3. Dom says:

    Good man, you’ve shown grit and determination to face up to the fickle Pies fans. You deserve your place in the team.
    Not nice to be the new guy and get booed is it though? ;P

  4. Lindsey says:

    England’s Sue Smith has mulleted bunches. I saw her in a bar and nearly fell over laughing. What makes it all the more amusing is the fact she is also a hat model.

  5. Jo Clark says:

    I was also in this bar and can second the Sue Smith bleached in places mulleted bunches sighting. Check out her myspace profile for her hat modelling!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would