Robin Van Persie’s Eye Doctor Admits He Thought Fenerbahce Striker Was Just An ‘Ordinary’ Sunday League Player

Chris Wright

9th, November 2016

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The doctor responsible for treating Robin van Persie’s grisly eye injury has admitted that he merely assumed the striker was an “ordinary” Sunday League player who’d come a cropper.

As you may recall, Van Persie suffered a lacerated eyelid during Fenerbahce’s recent win over Akhisar Belediyespor when he was caught in the face by a stray fingernail.

However, Dr Mehmet Ozen has revealed he had absolutely no idea his patient was so well known and was therefore puzzled by the flocks of people gathering outside the Manisa State Hospital.

Speaking to Fanatik, Dr Ozen said:

I am not interested in football at all. I do not follow it at all. I thought Robin van Persie was an ordinary player from the astroturf leagues.

When I saw the crowd around the hospital, I figured he was someone famous. I treated him like everybody else coming to the hospital.

He was really cooperative when I examined him, very humble and helpful.

Indeed, it only began to dawn on Dr Ozen when he began getting excited messages from his friends who had seen the image of Van Persie’s hospital admittance document doing the rounds on social media in Turkey.


Photo via Fanatik

Regardless, even after sussing that his patient was a few levels above your average Sunday League dross, Dr Ozen remained largely unmoved by his brush with stardom.

My friends called me to congratulate because my name was on his patient barcode.

I did not take a selfie with him. I only took his photo to show his eye to the plastic surgeon.

I didn’t know he was such a famous person. I learnt it was him from the news and headlines the day after.

Like granite, this bloke.

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